Lately I’ve been busy doing anything but blogging.  Sorry!

But now I’m back, and I’m going to tell you all about the stuff I’ve been doing!

I have no photos, unfortunately, because I don’t have a working camera right now.  =(


I’m cross-stitching a small design from a book called Art Nouveau Cross Stitch, by Barbara Hammett.  If any of you have that book, it’s the Small Round Pot Lid on page 43.

If not, I’ll have to find a way to take a picture when I’m done stitching it. ^_^

I’ve made a lot of biscuits recently.  Everyone loves them – when I don’t put vanilla in them.  I think that they taste delicious with the sweet hint of vanilla, but no, they have to be bland!  =(

There are two versions to the recipe, and I don’t mean the vanilla.  One is rolled out and cut, the other is dropped with spoons.

I haven’t been crocheting much lately.  I just haven’t been inspired to make anything.

Well, I should get back to the things I should be doing right now.




Should I or Should I Not?

Should I or should I not create a second blog?  It would be about drawing, or art in general, so it would be semi-related to this blog.  But I request your opinion.  Should I do it?  I would post a link here, possibly on the sidebar, that directed you to it.  I have news to tell now, though: I am now using a Windows 7 computer!  I was using Windows 2000 Professional, but I’ve upgraded!  I am so excited: the printer prints in colour!  This is a vast improvement, also in the way of Microsoft Paint.  This version of it is far more advanced than the one before.  I am basically ecstatic about this!  Please comment telling me if you think I should or shouldn’t create a blog about drawing.

the Artist, the Author, the Designer

THE AUTHOR: I am writing a fantasy fiction novel at the present time.  It’s main character is undetermined as to any details.  Not even gender, though I believe that is will be a girl.  I may think that I am writing multiple books right now, but they most likely will turn out as one book, when it is published.  I think that I may also write a nonfiction book.  I have no idea what about, but I may decide to.

THE ARTIST: Can I really describe how I am an artist?  Is it possible?  All I can say about it is that everything I do is unique, from crocheting to drawing to writing to blogging, and many more that would sound ridiculous to mention the way I did those four above.

THE DESIGNER: This one pretty much is the Artist one, as all I can say is that I design patterns, pictures and plots–though I have some difficulty with thinking of a good plot.  Please comment your ideas!  I am willing to consider most!

I have said what I have to say about my hobbies.  Now write a nice long comment about your own, or what you think of mine!

SUDDEN BRAINSTORM! I have just had an excellent idea for a book!  I need to quickly go to Word and write it!