Littlest Pet Shop bird hat

I made three of these:  the first one was all green, the second was green with a blue trim, and the last was all blue.  I recommend that you don’t crochet very loosely.  I learned that the hard way: the blue hat doesn’t fit properly, it’s too loose!


  • Size 3 mercerized crochet cotton, two contrasting colours
  • 3.25 mm crochet hook
  • scissors


Fits Canary Littlest Pet Shop.


Base rnd:  MR 6.

Rnd 2:  Inc 6.  [12]

Rnd 3:  “Sc, inc” 6x.  [18]

Rnd 4:  Sc BLO  18.  [18]

Rnds 5-8:  Sc 18.  [18]

Rnd 9 (optional):  Cr st 18 in contrasting colour.  Fasten off, weaving in both yarn tails.  [18]


4 thoughts on “Littlest Pet Shop bird hat

  1. Shanna Galloway says:

    What are MR and Cr?

    • Katy says:

      MR means “magic ring”, and Cr st means “crab stitch”. When I say magic ring, I mean that you ch 2 and work the specified number of stitches into the 2nd st from hk. When I say crab stitch, I mean reverse single crochet.

      • Birdie says:

        But a magic ring is really an adjustable ring with sc’s in it pulled tight, so there is no hole. They double-crocheted in this link but s or double crochet, it’s all the same technique.

      • Katy says:

        hi! yep, that’s what i meant! it’s just easier to write “mr 6” than “make an adjustable ring and sc 6 in it”. 🙂 i used to use a ch as the ring, working all of my sc’s into the back loop. now i know how to use an adjustable ring. ^_^
        hope this helps!

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