No edgings are required for these gloves!  But if you want, feel free to add shells or pecots around the edges.  On one pair I made, I did two rounds of single-crochet around the top and one round around the bottom.  They were really nice.  These gloves would make a quick and easy gift for anyone with chilly hands or wrists, as they stretch to fit most hands, but can also fit narrow ones, too!


4.5 mm hook

15 thread – 1 skein in any colour

Basic Crochet Kit


Ch 30.

Rows 1-33:  Ch 1.  Sc 30, turn.

End off leaving a long tail.  Use this tail to sew glove so that looks almost like its ribbed (because its vertical) but be careful not to sew too far, because you have thumbs that need a gap to fit through, right?  Use the other tail to sew the other side of the thumb-hole.

Make glove 2 the same as glove 1.


8 thoughts on “Vertigo

  1. Rachel in California says:

    I made these in one afternoon (only took me about 2 hours); yay for a fast pattern! Also, When I crocheted my sc, I only went in one loop instead of both so that my pattern created lines and it really added to the ribbed effect.

    I did use a larger gauge hook (5mm), so I just cut down to about 28 rows instead of 33 rows. I used a varegated(sp?) yarn to make it even more interesting, and then made a sc border around the top and bottom of the gloves with a contrasting color.

    Very nice and easy; a good way to use up scrap yarn.

    • Katy says:

      Wow, even I didn’t make mine that fast! I guess the half of a millimetre makes a big difference, too!
      That’s a neat idea for ribbing. I’ve tried that for making pumpkins, but I did dc’s instead of sc’s, so they were further apart. It turned out really well!
      Yeah, I have a couple of boxes of old Coats crochet thread that someone donated to Mom’s store (and she gave to me), and they’re about the same size as what I used in the pattern. There are about twenty different colours, but I can’t think of what to make with them. Maybe I should make more of these gloves! 😀

  2. marie says:

    Great pattern!!! Just completed this project in about 1 & 1/2 hours. I single crocheted around the finger area and also around the wrist. I also slip stitched instead of sewing the sides together. My little girl is going to love her new fingerless gloves. Thank you so much for sharing these very easy to follow directions! Merry Christmas!!!

    • Katy says:

      Thanks very much for the wonderful review of my pattern! I always like positive feedback. Great idea about the seams! I’ll have to try that out some time. ^_^ I hope she likes them, too! Happy new year!

  3. jennacaring says:

    Hi! I really want to try these, but I’m a bit confused about the “15 strands” yarn (I’m a noobie). Does that mean a fine weight similar to sock yarn?

    🙂 Jenna

    • Katy says:

      I used a Clea thread. It’s a sort of crochet cotton, and crochet cotton weights are measured in numbers. 15 is pretty common, I think. The label will tell you what the number is.

  4. Jen says:

    This was a great easy pattern. I even used Worsted yarn and they came out great! I made a few modifications, for example, I double crocheted instead of single. But they’re really warm and they match my hat! 😀

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