August Ending

Hello, peeps! (I’ve heard some people call people that. lol)

today is August 31st. the last day. tomorrow is September! and hopefully with the new month comes cold weather! despite the news saying it’ll be summer-y for the next few months. 😦

i had a meeting two days ago at my school with, i think, the vice-principal and then the attendance secretary. turns out i’m going into grade 10 regardless of my homeschooledness. 😀 that’s good, because i don’t want to be older than my classmates. i still have to write something to prove what i already learned in english and math…siiigh. 😦

but there’s more good news! you know the mp3 player i ordered online? did i mention that? it came! and (drumroll please) it has a camera!!! isn’t that wonderful? I can post photos again! squeeee! to celebrate, i’ll post a bunch of photos of my drawings/paintings! at the bottom of the post.

we got the new Sears wishbook, too. that’s always fun to browse through. the list of things i’d like to have? really long. even if i take of the things i couldn’t use at this age, like furniture. (idk why, but i always browse catalogues like i’m getting stuff for my own place, which i naturally do not have) i went though it twice. 🙂 maybe i’ll write out the list… 😛

okay, now for the photos i promised (since i don’t know what else to write). enjoy!


Hello, Again.

Hello, my fellow crocheters (and knitters)!

i find it very difficult to blog on my tablet, which explains my absence. but i *have* been crocheting and knitting!

i followed a tear-off pattern for “Fruit Bags” for my mom’s knitting class. that turned out well. but i got sidetracked before i made the smaller size. ^_^ perhaps i’ll go back and make it after i finish my current UFO’s. lol.

i have a WIP skirt i’m making using a 6-tr shell pattern. hopefully it turns out – it’s a very ambitious project, eh?

and i have started knitting a pair of mittens using sock yarn. O_o i haven’t finished the first cuff yet…i sincerely hope i stay focused enough to complete the second mitten.

hm…let’s see what else…

well, apparently there *isn’t* an ‘else’ in my list of projects this time. i suppose i’ll have to get crocheting and create something new and fantastic! 😀

but i have updated my Career Goal in my mind. i had been planning to study to be a chemical engineer, but now i think i prefer computer science. i want to Code! ^_^

and that’s about it for now, i think. hopefully i’ll blog again soon, eh?



Hello, readers-of-this-blog!  The other day I made chocolate chip muffins, and I thought you might want to know.

My mom and I created the recipe.  We’ve created quite a few – so I might eventually write a cookbook.  Or “recipe book”, since baking isn’t technically cooking.

And so I can’t give you the recipe.  But know this – they were really good, even though I forgot to put the sugar in.  ^_^

On another topic, have any of you heard of the COBY Kyros tablet, code MID7012?  I’m saving up for one.  It looks really fun.  Here’s a picture:

COBY Kyros MID7012

I’ve never owned a tablet, but I played Angry Birds on one displayed at Staples.  A very fun 20 seconds.  ^_^

I don’t know everything about it, so if you’ve owned one, could you tell me a few pros and cons?




I’m making a tea cozy now.  It’s obviously green, and done in 3×2 ribbing, and in two halves.  After I’ve knitted the halves I’ll sew their sides together and gather the top.  I’ve never made a tea cozy before, so I hope it works!

Also obviously, I’ve only knitted a little bit so far, but I think it’ll work.  Maybe.  ^_^

Don’t tell her, but it’s for my mom for Yule!  ^_^

Oh, and in case you want to make one like it, the pattern is like this:

Using DK yarn on 4.5mm needles, cast on 50.

Odd Rows: [k3, p2] across.

Even Rows: [k2, p3] across.

I don’t know how many rows are needed yet, but I’m sure you’d want to customize it for your teapot anyway.

Once it’s long enough, (this part is just a theory) slide all 50 stitches onto some scrap yarn so that you can use the needles for the second half.

Make it the same as the first one.

Sew the sides together, leaving spaces for the spout and handle.  Gather the stitches on top.

And, voila!  There’s your tea cozy.  I think.  ^_^



Wow, it’s been ages since I last posted something!  I’ve been getting lazy, it seems.

Yesterday I crocheted myself a small backpack/purse.  I used a V stitch, and I used two shades of shiny purple yarn.  I even lined it with light lime fabric!  I don’t have any pictures, since my camera stopped working, but I assure you it looks great.

The day before yesterday I finished knitting a white toque with 7 “faggoted lace” panels.  I decreased by 3 every round after the lace, so (unfortunately) it’s a bit pointed.

I started the Books of Ember series a while ago.  I’m halfway through the second book, The People of Sparks.  They’re alright.  A bit weird, but that’s normal.  It’s post-Apocalypse, and the characters are in this underground city called Ember.  They don’t know that they’re underground, though, until the two main characters Lina and Doon find the way out.  They leave a message for the other people of Ember, and soon all 400 of them follow.  In book two they find a town called Sparks.  The people of Sparks grudgingly allow them to stay, but there isn’t much food and both sides are getting more hostile.  A couple of things happen to make them angrier with each other, and now the three mayors of Sparks have announced that the Emberites have to leave right then, rather than after six months as it originally was going to be.

And here I am, waiting to find out what happens next.  I read on Wikipedia that there is a movie of the first book, City of Ember.  The book has ‘the’ in its name, though.  I wonder what the movie is like?  (That’s rhetorical, by the way.)



Any Ideas?

Earlier today my mom gave me this skein of yarn since I commented that I liked how it looked, but I don’t know what to make with it!  I’ve considered making a cowl/scarf, but my first attempt failed.  I also considered making a shawl, but I don’t think I have enough yarn to do that.  The label says that it has 148 yards, or 135 “mt”, whatever that is.  And it’s 50 g.  I think that a 5mm hook is the right size, but what should I make???

I’d really like some help with this, please!


Embroidery and a Scarf

Greetings!  For the past few days, I’ve busied myself with embroidery, but today my mom requested a thin lacy scarf.  Here’s my scarf so far and the pattern:

I’m using a 5.5mm hook and some sort of crochet cotton.

And here are some of my embroideries:

The last two are obviously the same one.  I wanted to make it longer.  And now I’ve put the cat one and that periwinkle yarn one together with one that says “Journal” between them.  I’m trying to make a book cover, but it’s really difficult.

But I’ve cast those embroideries aside in favour of another: a scattering of random pictures on one of my T-shirts.  Oh, and the scarf for mom, of course.

That’s it for now!

I’ll write again sometime soon.