August Ending

Hello, peeps! (I’ve heard some people call people that. lol)

today is August 31st. the last day. tomorrow is September! and hopefully with the new month comes cold weather! despite the news saying it’ll be summer-y for the next few months. 😦

i had a meeting two days ago at my school with, i think, the vice-principal and then the attendance secretary. turns out i’m going into grade 10 regardless of my homeschooledness. 😀 that’s good, because i don’t want to be older than my classmates. i still have to write something to prove what i already learned in english and math…siiigh. 😦

but there’s more good news! you know the mp3 player i ordered online? did i mention that? it came! and (drumroll please) it has a camera!!! isn’t that wonderful? I can post photos again! squeeee! to celebrate, i’ll post a bunch of photos of my drawings/paintings! at the bottom of the post.

we got the new Sears wishbook, too. that’s always fun to browse through. the list of things i’d like to have? really long. even if i take of the things i couldn’t use at this age, like furniture. (idk why, but i always browse catalogues like i’m getting stuff for my own place, which i naturally do not have) i went though it twice. 🙂 maybe i’ll write out the list… 😛

okay, now for the photos i promised (since i don’t know what else to write). enjoy!


hello! um… who are you again? it’s been too long!

sorry it’s been so long since i posted! i’ve been busy with everything but this…

i recently crocheted a small cupcake chain – of my own free will! gasp! – which i pinned to my cork-board. i guessed at the pattern, but i think it’s exactly the same one i used for the scarf all those years ago! 😀 it’s four motifs long.

but why did i make this, you ask? i couldn’t tell you. i simply did. 😛

i ordered an mp3 player on eBay back in July…i may have mentioned that. it hasn’t arrived yet. 😦 i’m hoping it will today! it has a camera, you see. i’ll be able to post photos with these words! won’t that be fun?

this is a crocheter’s blog, but i haven’t been doing much crocheting, or even knitting…sorry! 😦 i’ve mostly been drawing manga-style lately. once i get that camera i’ll show you my work, which i feel has greatly improved over what i used to draw! i even use the “pen touch” now! and i wait for the ink to dry before i get out my eraser. 😛

and – better yet – i’ve been dabbling in watercolour painting over my pen drawings! i know, it’s hard to believe. but i’m just dabbling yet. 🙂

i’m psyched for high school, too. as you know, i’ve been homeschooled all my life, so this is a big step for me. i’m pretty certain which electives i want, too…in grade 9 i only get one (with my selected career path) and i chose something called “independent, family and social living”. in a nutshell, life skills. i’m gonna ace that one. 😀

naturally, i’m also taking science and art throughout the later grades. and all the other compulsory courses like math and english and geography.

but that’s enough about school. i’m sure you’ve all heard too much even before i started, so i’ll switch tracks back to yarnwork! 🙂 ‘kay?

alright…let’s see…what have i been making…

oh! i just remembered the baby mittens mom got me to knit for her! i made one thumbless mitt so far. it turned out way too big. i’m not sure if i even should make a second one.

unrelated to that: the weather today is gorgeous! right now, at any rate. it’s about 20 degrees and raining lightly. more of a drizzle, really. i’m gonna go out on the deck once i’ve finished writing this post. 😀

okay, that’s all i have to say for now. cheers! 🙂


PS it was my brother’s birthday yesterday. happy belated b-day to him! 😉

Failed Project

Unfortunately, my mittens have failed. i made the ribbing too loose. i had to unravel all of my knitting, which had amounted to nearly 3″, i think. siiiigh…

now i’m going to start the smaller Fruit Bag for mom. ^_^

this is a very short entry, as it is still morning, and i blogged yesterday. i just had to tell you about the mittens. which were going to have those flip thumbs. making them “podster” mittens. again, siiiiigh…


Hello, Again.

Hello, my fellow crocheters (and knitters)!

i find it very difficult to blog on my tablet, which explains my absence. but i *have* been crocheting and knitting!

i followed a tear-off pattern for “Fruit Bags” for my mom’s knitting class. that turned out well. but i got sidetracked before i made the smaller size. ^_^ perhaps i’ll go back and make it after i finish my current UFO’s. lol.

i have a WIP skirt i’m making using a 6-tr shell pattern. hopefully it turns out – it’s a very ambitious project, eh?

and i have started knitting a pair of mittens using sock yarn. O_o i haven’t finished the first cuff yet…i sincerely hope i stay focused enough to complete the second mitten.

hm…let’s see what else…

well, apparently there *isn’t* an ‘else’ in my list of projects this time. i suppose i’ll have to get crocheting and create something new and fantastic! 😀

but i have updated my Career Goal in my mind. i had been planning to study to be a chemical engineer, but now i think i prefer computer science. i want to Code! ^_^

and that’s about it for now, i think. hopefully i’ll blog again soon, eh?


A Very Lazy Blogger

Hello, my many followers.
Again, I haven’t blogged much…well, even longer this time. ^_^
So, I have a tablet…should mean I’ll blog more, right? Well, not really. I just have more to do – I next to never crochet/knit anymore. 😦
The last book I finished was Star Trek, Starfleet Acadamy: Collision Course, by William Shatner. That was different from the books I normally read, since I normally read juvenille fantasy books. But despite the huge change, I liked it, as a book. Well enough that I’ll read the sequel once it’s been published.
I tweet now. I’d tell you my username so that you might follow me, but I don’t really care to have followers. I just like reading the tweets by One Direction, the members thereof (Niall tweets the most, and sometimes Liam, but Louis, Harry and Zayn do very rarely), a magazine I like, and The Big Bang Theory.
I also read the final Keys to the Kingdom book, Lord Sunday. It ended well, with the problems all solved and nothing that could be shaped into an eighth book.
And that is all that I can think of to write. A surprisingly little has happened since my last blogging session, eh?


Lately I’ve been busy doing anything but blogging.  Sorry!

But now I’m back, and I’m going to tell you all about the stuff I’ve been doing!

I have no photos, unfortunately, because I don’t have a working camera right now.  =(


I’m cross-stitching a small design from a book called Art Nouveau Cross Stitch, by Barbara Hammett.  If any of you have that book, it’s the Small Round Pot Lid on page 43.

If not, I’ll have to find a way to take a picture when I’m done stitching it. ^_^

I’ve made a lot of biscuits recently.  Everyone loves them – when I don’t put vanilla in them.  I think that they taste delicious with the sweet hint of vanilla, but no, they have to be bland!  =(

There are two versions to the recipe, and I don’t mean the vanilla.  One is rolled out and cut, the other is dropped with spoons.

I haven’t been crocheting much lately.  I just haven’t been inspired to make anything.

Well, I should get back to the things I should be doing right now.




Hello, readers-of-this-blog!  The other day I made chocolate chip muffins, and I thought you might want to know.

My mom and I created the recipe.  We’ve created quite a few – so I might eventually write a cookbook.  Or “recipe book”, since baking isn’t technically cooking.

And so I can’t give you the recipe.  But know this – they were really good, even though I forgot to put the sugar in.  ^_^

On another topic, have any of you heard of the COBY Kyros tablet, code MID7012?  I’m saving up for one.  It looks really fun.  Here’s a picture:

COBY Kyros MID7012

I’ve never owned a tablet, but I played Angry Birds on one displayed at Staples.  A very fun 20 seconds.  ^_^

I don’t know everything about it, so if you’ve owned one, could you tell me a few pros and cons?