August Ending

Hello, peeps! (I’ve heard some people call people that. lol)

today is August 31st. the last day. tomorrow is September! and hopefully with the new month comes cold weather! despite the news saying it’ll be summer-y for the next few months. šŸ˜¦

i had a meeting two days ago at my school with, i think, the vice-principal and then the attendance secretary. turns out i’m going into grade 10 regardless of my homeschooledness. šŸ˜€ that’s good, because i don’t want to be older than my classmates. i still have to write something to prove what i already learned in english and math…siiigh. šŸ˜¦

but there’s more good news! you know the mp3 player i ordered online? did i mention that? it came! and (drumroll please) it has a camera!!! isn’t that wonderful? I can post photos again! squeeee! to celebrate, i’ll post a bunch of photos of my drawings/paintings! at the bottom of the post.

we got the new Sears wishbook, too. that’s always fun to browse through. the list of things i’d like to have? really long. even if i take of the things i couldn’t use at this age, like furniture. (idk why, but i always browse catalogues like i’m getting stuff for my own place, which i naturally do not have) i went though it twice. šŸ™‚ maybe i’ll write out the list… šŸ˜›

okay, now for the photos i promised (since i don’t know what else to write). enjoy!


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