hello! um… who are you again? it’s been too long!

sorry it’s been so long since i posted! i’ve been busy with everything but this…

i recently crocheted a small cupcake chain – of my own free will! gasp! – which i pinned to my cork-board. i guessed at the pattern, but i think it’s exactly the same one i used for the scarf all those years ago! 😀 it’s four motifs long.

but why did i make this, you ask? i couldn’t tell you. i simply did. 😛

i ordered an mp3 player on eBay back in July…i may have mentioned that. it hasn’t arrived yet. 😦 i’m hoping it will today! it has a camera, you see. i’ll be able to post photos with these words! won’t that be fun?

this is a crocheter’s blog, but i haven’t been doing much crocheting, or even knitting…sorry! 😦 i’ve mostly been drawing manga-style lately. once i get that camera i’ll show you my work, which i feel has greatly improved over what i used to draw! i even use the “pen touch” now! and i wait for the ink to dry before i get out my eraser. 😛

and – better yet – i’ve been dabbling in watercolour painting over my pen drawings! i know, it’s hard to believe. but i’m just dabbling yet. 🙂

i’m psyched for high school, too. as you know, i’ve been homeschooled all my life, so this is a big step for me. i’m pretty certain which electives i want, too…in grade 9 i only get one (with my selected career path) and i chose something called “independent, family and social living”. in a nutshell, life skills. i’m gonna ace that one. 😀

naturally, i’m also taking science and art throughout the later grades. and all the other compulsory courses like math and english and geography.

but that’s enough about school. i’m sure you’ve all heard too much even before i started, so i’ll switch tracks back to yarnwork! 🙂 ‘kay?

alright…let’s see…what have i been making…

oh! i just remembered the baby mittens mom got me to knit for her! i made one thumbless mitt so far. it turned out way too big. i’m not sure if i even should make a second one.

unrelated to that: the weather today is gorgeous! right now, at any rate. it’s about 20 degrees and raining lightly. more of a drizzle, really. i’m gonna go out on the deck once i’ve finished writing this post. 😀

okay, that’s all i have to say for now. cheers! 🙂


PS it was my brother’s birthday yesterday. happy belated b-day to him! 😉


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