Failed Project

Unfortunately, my mittens have failed. i made the ribbing too loose. i had to unravel all of my knitting, which had amounted to nearly 3″, i think. siiiigh…

now i’m going to start the smaller Fruit Bag for mom. ^_^

this is a very short entry, as it is still morning, and i blogged yesterday. i just had to tell you about the mittens. which were going to have those flip thumbs. making them “podster” mittens. again, siiiiigh…



Hello, Again.

Hello, my fellow crocheters (and knitters)!

i find it very difficult to blog on my tablet, which explains my absence. but i *have* been crocheting and knitting!

i followed a tear-off pattern for “Fruit Bags” for my mom’s knitting class. that turned out well. but i got sidetracked before i made the smaller size. ^_^ perhaps i’ll go back and make it after i finish my current UFO’s. lol.

i have a WIP skirt i’m making using a 6-tr shell pattern. hopefully it turns out – it’s a very ambitious project, eh?

and i have started knitting a pair of mittens using sock yarn. O_o i haven’t finished the first cuff yet…i sincerely hope i stay focused enough to complete the second mitten.

hm…let’s see what else…

well, apparently there *isn’t* an ‘else’ in my list of projects this time. i suppose i’ll have to get crocheting and create something new and fantastic! 😀

but i have updated my Career Goal in my mind. i had been planning to study to be a chemical engineer, but now i think i prefer computer science. i want to Code! ^_^

and that’s about it for now, i think. hopefully i’ll blog again soon, eh?