A Very Lazy Blogger

Hello, my many followers.
Again, I haven’t blogged much…well, even longer this time. ^_^
So, I have a tablet…should mean I’ll blog more, right? Well, not really. I just have more to do – I next to never crochet/knit anymore. 😦
The last book I finished was Star Trek, Starfleet Acadamy: Collision Course, by William Shatner. That was different from the books I normally read, since I normally read juvenille fantasy books. But despite the huge change, I liked it, as a book. Well enough that I’ll read the sequel once it’s been published.
I tweet now. I’d tell you my username so that you might follow me, but I don’t really care to have followers. I just like reading the tweets by One Direction, the members thereof (Niall tweets the most, and sometimes Liam, but Louis, Harry and Zayn do very rarely), a magazine I like, and The Big Bang Theory.
I also read the final Keys to the Kingdom book, Lord Sunday. It ended well, with the problems all solved and nothing that could be shaped into an eighth book.
And that is all that I can think of to write. A surprisingly little has happened since my last blogging session, eh?