I’m making a tea cozy now.  It’s obviously green, and done in 3×2 ribbing, and in two halves.  After I’ve knitted the halves I’ll sew their sides together and gather the top.  I’ve never made a tea cozy before, so I hope it works!

Also obviously, I’ve only knitted a little bit so far, but I think it’ll work.  Maybe.  ^_^

Don’t tell her, but it’s for my mom for Yule!  ^_^

Oh, and in case you want to make one like it, the pattern is like this:

Using DK yarn on 4.5mm needles, cast on 50.

Odd Rows: [k3, p2] across.

Even Rows: [k2, p3] across.

I don’t know how many rows are needed yet, but I’m sure you’d want to customize it for your teapot anyway.

Once it’s long enough, (this part is just a theory) slide all 50 stitches onto some scrap yarn so that you can use the needles for the second half.

Make it the same as the first one.

Sew the sides together, leaving spaces for the spout and handle.  Gather the stitches on top.

And, voila!  There’s your tea cozy.  I think.  ^_^