Wow, it’s been ages since I last posted something!  I’ve been getting lazy, it seems.

Yesterday I crocheted myself a small backpack/purse.  I used a V stitch, and I used two shades of shiny purple yarn.  I even lined it with light lime fabric!  I don’t have any pictures, since my camera stopped working, but I assure you it looks great.

The day before yesterday I finished knitting a white toque with 7 “faggoted lace” panels.  I decreased by 3 every round after the lace, so (unfortunately) it’s a bit pointed.

I started the Books of Ember series a while ago.  I’m halfway through the second book, The People of Sparks.  They’re alright.  A bit weird, but that’s normal.  It’s post-Apocalypse, and the characters are in this underground city called Ember.  They don’t know that they’re underground, though, until the two main characters Lina and Doon find the way out.  They leave a message for the other people of Ember, and soon all 400 of them follow.  In book two they find a town called Sparks.  The people of Sparks grudgingly allow them to stay, but there isn’t much food and both sides are getting more hostile.  A couple of things happen to make them angrier with each other, and now the three mayors of Sparks have announced that the Emberites have to leave right then, rather than after six months as it originally was going to be.

And here I am, waiting to find out what happens next.  I read on Wikipedia that there is a movie of the first book, City of Ember.  The book has ‘the’ in its name, though.  I wonder what the movie is like?  (That’s rhetorical, by the way.)




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