Well, It’s a Bit Obvious Now, But…

…I suppose I won’t delete Green Yarn Crochet on May 20th.  Considering the fact that it is now June 4th, that’s a bit obvious.  Hence the title of this post.  I’m being a bit tautological now, aren’t I?  Hmm.  I suppose I’ll press on, then.

For my birthday on the first my parents got me a book of crochet motifs.  Thanks again – it’s really good!!!  I’ve made at least twenty motifs so far, and the book has 144 in it.  My favourite is Motif #18.  Three rounds.  I’ve done it three times now, the last two put together to make a little bag.  I’m not done making it yet, and my camera is officially damaged, so I can’t show you.  Unfortunately.

I wonder if I’ll ever make all 144 motifs from the book?  Or if I’ll make anything out of these motifs I’ve been making – besides the little pouch, I mean.  That hardly counts, it’s so small.

This is unrelated, but I want to mention it.  I started reading the first Beyonders book by Brandon Mull today.  It’s called “A World Without Heroes”.  It’s pretty good so far.  The main character (Jason) has been eaten by a hippopotamus that had music coming out of it’s mouth, and instead of being in the hippo he came out into another world.  So the hippo was a portal.

I read the other series that Brandon Mull wrote (Fablehaven) and this one is rather good at this point.  I can’t really say much else about it.  Erm…the prologue was more interesting than others I’ve read?  Um…the chapters have names?  I don’t know what else to say!  …I don’t have to, really.

Well, that’s all, then.  Cheers!



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