Curious Cats and Cross-stitching

I’ve been doing rather a lot of cross-stitching lately.  I couldn’t tell you precisely what I’ve been stitching…little bit of this, little bit of that…  But now I’m out of the cross-stitching mood.  I’m in a drawing mood.  And I’m drawing distorted cats.  I scanned the latest one, but there were five or so before it.

I suggest that you click the thumbnail to open the full-sized image.  It looks better that way.

And by the way, I’m attempting to design a cross stitch chart based on it.  I hope it turns out well!

All of the cats are weird like that.  Their eyes are just as big.  Their muzzles are just as small.  Their heads are just as oval.  And they are all monochrome, bar their eyes.

Well, I suppose I’ll stop chattering on like this.  Cheers!



Well, It’s a Bit Obvious Now, But…

…I suppose I won’t delete Green Yarn Crochet on May 20th.  Considering the fact that it is now June 4th, that’s a bit obvious.  Hence the title of this post.  I’m being a bit tautological now, aren’t I?  Hmm.  I suppose I’ll press on, then.

For my birthday on the first my parents got me a book of crochet motifs.  Thanks again – it’s really good!!!  I’ve made at least twenty motifs so far, and the book has 144 in it.  My favourite is Motif #18.  Three rounds.  I’ve done it three times now, the last two put together to make a little bag.  I’m not done making it yet, and my camera is officially damaged, so I can’t show you.  Unfortunately.

I wonder if I’ll ever make all 144 motifs from the book?  Or if I’ll make anything out of these motifs I’ve been making – besides the little pouch, I mean.  That hardly counts, it’s so small.

This is unrelated, but I want to mention it.  I started reading the first Beyonders book by Brandon Mull today.  It’s called “A World Without Heroes”.  It’s pretty good so far.  The main character (Jason) has been eaten by a hippopotamus that had music coming out of it’s mouth, and instead of being in the hippo he came out into another world.  So the hippo was a portal.

I read the other series that Brandon Mull wrote (Fablehaven) and this one is rather good at this point.  I can’t really say much else about it.  Erm…the prologue was more interesting than others I’ve read?  Um…the chapters have names?  I don’t know what else to say!  …I don’t have to, really.

Well, that’s all, then.  Cheers!