I’ve renamed the “fuzz critters”.  They’re now “Imps”, as my sister suggested.  I like that name more.  So they are Imps.

Anyway, I’ve made five now.  Only two have eyes (since I’ve run out of buttons) but they all look adorable.  Here’s Imp #1:

The second one is variegated blues, the third is light blue, the fourth is purple, and the fifth (mine) is variegated blues and greens.  They all look great, but I don’t have photos of any but Imp #1.  I’m going to sell the first four either in Mom’s store or online.  Mom has an Etsy account, so I suppose I could list them there.  After I take photos, of course.

And that lavender blossom I mentioned yesterday: it’s gotten bigger – and then Mom cut it off the plant!!!  At least I got to take some photos of it.  By the way, all of the photos in this post were taken with Mom’s Sony camera.

Mom thinks it’s somehow a hybrid.  She says that when she first got the plant it had flowers, and they were normal lavender flowers, but these are obviously not normal lavender flowers, eh?  It’s interesting.  The light pink petals are slightly fuzzy.

I finished chapter two of Incerceron last night.  I’m just as confused now as I was before, if not more confused now.  I can’t possibly try to describe this chapter, it’s less describeable than the first one.  Something about a wedding being brought forward a year, and this person’s dad being cold…

I think that I’ve encompassed all the things I wanted to say today.  Right?  So I guess I’ll write again sometime soon!




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