Warning, Warning!

I’m considering deleting this blog.  I know, it’s a drastic thing to do, but I’m getting tired of it’s sameness.  I might make a new one, but it won’t have any connections to this one.  I’d use a different user name, different email, different account.  I wouldn’t mention this blog.  But, if you want to keep any of my free patterns, feel free to copy-and-paste them to Word or something like it.  I’ll give you a deadline for my deletion of this blog: next friday, May 20th.





I’ve renamed the “fuzz critters”.  They’re now “Imps”, as my sister suggested.  I like that name more.  So they are Imps.

Anyway, I’ve made five now.  Only two have eyes (since I’ve run out of buttons) but they all look adorable.  Here’s Imp #1:

The second one is variegated blues, the third is light blue, the fourth is purple, and the fifth (mine) is variegated blues and greens.  They all look great, but I don’t have photos of any but Imp #1.  I’m going to sell the first four either in Mom’s store or online.  Mom has an Etsy account, so I suppose I could list them there.  After I take photos, of course.

And that lavender blossom I mentioned yesterday: it’s gotten bigger – and then Mom cut it off the plant!!!  At least I got to take some photos of it.  By the way, all of the photos in this post were taken with Mom’s Sony camera.

Mom thinks it’s somehow a hybrid.  She says that when she first got the plant it had flowers, and they were normal lavender flowers, but these are obviously not normal lavender flowers, eh?  It’s interesting.  The light pink petals are slightly fuzzy.

I finished chapter two of Incerceron last night.  I’m just as confused now as I was before, if not more confused now.  I can’t possibly try to describe this chapter, it’s less describeable than the first one.  Something about a wedding being brought forward a year, and this person’s dad being cold…

I think that I’ve encompassed all the things I wanted to say today.  Right?  So I guess I’ll write again sometime soon!



With Yarns, I Play

My current project: a “fuzz critter.”  Obviously, it isn’t finished.  The ball’s end isn’t sewn up, the feet haven’t been attached, the eyes (which I painted black with a felt-tip pen – they were that pearly white kind of buttons with the loop on the back) haven’t been attached, and it’s not fuzzy.  Mom has a strange little device like a miniature slicker brush (the kind for cats/dogs) without the handle, and in a loop so you can wear it over two fingers or something.  The label isn’t in English, so I don’t know what they call it, but it reminds me (as I already said) of a wire slicker brush.

Anyway, I’d like to use that thing, whatever it is, to fluff up the Fuzz Critter’s body.  The drawing is what I want it to look like when I’m done.

Besides that project, I made an adorable little witch’s hat using a wonderful yarn.  I don’t know what the yarn is called, but it’s an extremely soft and silky fabric ribbon kind of yarn.  Here’s a picture of it, with the hat when I wasn’t done making it…

My camera is damaged, which is why there are those weird horizontal lines through the photo.  And that photo also makes the yarn look rough, but it’s not.  As I said, it’s really soft and silky.  Do you have any idea what it’s called?  I’d like to get more of it sometime, somewhere.

Since my camera is damaged, it (besides the lines in the photos) sometimes takes photos like this, usually when there’s no flash:

That’s the rainbow-coloured Ostara (which is called Easter by Christians) egg that I blogged about a while ago.  Did I share that photo?  Maybe.  But I’m using it as an example now.

And besides that problem with my camera, it also drains brand-new alkaline batteries in, say, an hour.  Brand-new batteries!  *Sigh*  I need a new camera.

The top photo wasn’t taken with my Canon Powershot A430, it was taken with Mom’s Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H2.  That’s a nice camera.  It’ll even take about thirty photos without a memory card!  Incredible, eh?  The kind of memory card it takes is called “Memory Stick Duo”, the same thing a PSP takes.

My sister got a PSP game recently.  Some horse game.  I haven’t played it.  She also got a DS game, Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands.  That game I do care about, since I want it.  Well, I did want it.  I don’t play my DS as much now as I used to.  I want a laptop more.

This is unrelated, but I thought I aught to mention it.  I’m reading a book called Incarceron right now.  I’m halfway through chapter two, and I’m thoroughly confused.  Loads of things have happened already, but I don’t understand any of it.  This Finn person was chained in front of a train, or something, and he yelled at the people to stop the train, and they came out and unchained him, and then a bunch of people came out of nowhere and attacked the people who came out of the train?  And Finn was on the side of the attackers?  And then chapter two has nothing to do with chapter one!  It could be from a different book, it’s so unrelated.  I just don’t understand.  And anyway, the mood of the book doesn’t fit with the moods I’ve been in since I started the book (three or so days ago) so I’m not reading it very often (hence my being only in chapter two).  My sister (who borrowed the book from the library in the first place) keeps telling me to hurry up and read it, or she’ll take it back and return it.  I’m starting to think that I should just take my bookmark out and give it back without finishing it, but I don’t know yet.

Have I ever mentioned Mom’s lavender plant?  Well, despite it’s straggly stems, it’s blossoming.  Here’s the most…blossomy…blossom on it.

And that concludes this entry.