Greetings, readers!  Sorry about the delay, I’ve been rather busy lately.  And my camera is having problems–all of my photos turn out funny!  See here, in pictures of my latest creations:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See how most of them have weird white lines in them?  I don’t know why.  And that one of the egg has all the colours distorted.  *Shakes head*  Without flash, all the photos would be like that.  *Sigh*  I really don’t know why my camera has done this.  Maybe it’s from all of those times I took photos of the sunrise on a cold winter day, not caring if the lens was exposed to the sharp dawn light, or the inner workings to the cold.  *Longer sigh*  I need a new camera…

Anyway.  There are two photos in that slideshow that I want to mention:  The unfinished green knitting.  That’s the hat I’m making right now.  Last night I finished the two-toned green hat in there as well.  Though there isn’t a photo, I also made one out of that Luster Sheen thread that my Mom sells in her store.  I used one strand of white and one strand of cream together to make it.  I was using six needles for that hat.  It was my first top-down hat.  Five increases every round until I had 90 stitches, which explains why I used six needles: I increased the first stitch on each needle.  The green hat had four increases, making it so I only needed five needles.  And this hat had only four needles, but I did six increases every round: increase twice at the beginning of each needle.  And on this one I started with nine stitches, which made it easier to get going.  And now I have 90 stitches.  The other green hat had 84 stitches, and I did a 2-2 rib.  On the Luster Sheen hat, I did a 1-1 rib.  Obviously, I’m not at the ribbing on this hat yet, and I haven’t even decided how I’m going to do it anyway.

I’m reading a book called Crewel World right now.  The series is Needlecraft Mysteries, and the author is Monica Ferris.  It’s book one, too, if you wanted to read it…but I don’t like it much so far.  No one has been murdered yet, either.  But (SPOILER ALERT!!) I read on Monica Ferris’s website that Margot is killed.  Because the author didn’t know how to run a craft store, she had to kill her off, apparently.  And so she brought in Margot’s sister Betsy to try to run the craft store and to solve the murder instead.  I read on the website that Betsy knows as little about needlepoint and running a small business as the author does.  Alas and alack, neither knitting nor crochet are in the spotlight.  Tapestry work and counted cross-stitch are.  Oh, well.

I hope to write again soon!



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