Knitted Swatches

Here are those knitted swatches I mentioned the other day.

Okay, the one on needles isn’t a knitted swatch, and neither are the eyeglass case case or the coffee cup sleeve, but I thought you would want to see them too.  Right?

Did I say that Scumble came in at the library, along with a book called Crochet So Fine?  Well, now I have.  Even though I have Dark Fire, and The Fairy’s Return and other Princess Tales to read, I have holds placed on Seekers #6: Spirits In The StarsRain and Fire and Wings: A Fairy Tale.  Oh, and Once Upon a Curse is requested.  And along with all those books I have to read, I’m knitting stuff.  *Shakes head*  Why do I do this to myself?  I’m not sure I’ll finish all of them.  The Fairy’s Return and Other Princess Tales is actually a volume containing five novellas.  To those who don’t know, a “novella” is a story that is longer than a short story but shorter than a novel.  I keep calling them “novelettes” by accident.  *Laugh*  Mom keeps correcting me.  But, according to the thesaurus search I just did, they’re the same thing.  So it’s fine that I call them novelettes!  It’s more fitting, anyway.  Mini novels.  Novelettes.

There are lots of photos for you to see, so I’ll leave you to your viewing.


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