Greetings, readers!  Sorry about the delay, I’ve been rather busy lately.  And my camera is having problems–all of my photos turn out funny!  See here, in pictures of my latest creations:

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See how most of them have weird white lines in them?  I don’t know why.  And that one of the egg has all the colours distorted.  *Shakes head*  Without flash, all the photos would be like that.  *Sigh*  I really don’t know why my camera has done this.  Maybe it’s from all of those times I took photos of the sunrise on a cold winter day, not caring if the lens was exposed to the sharp dawn light, or the inner workings to the cold.  *Longer sigh*  I need a new camera…

Anyway.  There are two photos in that slideshow that I want to mention:  The unfinished green knitting.  That’s the hat I’m making right now.  Last night I finished the two-toned green hat in there as well.  Though there isn’t a photo, I also made one out of that Luster Sheen thread that my Mom sells in her store.  I used one strand of white and one strand of cream together to make it.  I was using six needles for that hat.  It was my first top-down hat.  Five increases every round until I had 90 stitches, which explains why I used six needles: I increased the first stitch on each needle.  The green hat had four increases, making it so I only needed five needles.  And this hat had only four needles, but I did six increases every round: increase twice at the beginning of each needle.  And on this one I started with nine stitches, which made it easier to get going.  And now I have 90 stitches.  The other green hat had 84 stitches, and I did a 2-2 rib.  On the Luster Sheen hat, I did a 1-1 rib.  Obviously, I’m not at the ribbing on this hat yet, and I haven’t even decided how I’m going to do it anyway.

I’m reading a book called Crewel World right now.  The series is Needlecraft Mysteries, and the author is Monica Ferris.  It’s book one, too, if you wanted to read it…but I don’t like it much so far.  No one has been murdered yet, either.  But (SPOILER ALERT!!) I read on Monica Ferris’s website that Margot is killed.  Because the author didn’t know how to run a craft store, she had to kill her off, apparently.  And so she brought in Margot’s sister Betsy to try to run the craft store and to solve the murder instead.  I read on the website that Betsy knows as little about needlepoint and running a small business as the author does.  Alas and alack, neither knitting nor crochet are in the spotlight.  Tapestry work and counted cross-stitch are.  Oh, well.

I hope to write again soon!



Knitted Swatches

Here are those knitted swatches I mentioned the other day.

Okay, the one on needles isn’t a knitted swatch, and neither are the eyeglass case case or the coffee cup sleeve, but I thought you would want to see them too.  Right?

Did I say that Scumble came in at the library, along with a book called Crochet So Fine?  Well, now I have.  Even though I have Dark Fire, and The Fairy’s Return and other Princess Tales to read, I have holds placed on Seekers #6: Spirits In The StarsRain and Fire and Wings: A Fairy Tale.  Oh, and Once Upon a Curse is requested.  And along with all those books I have to read, I’m knitting stuff.  *Shakes head*  Why do I do this to myself?  I’m not sure I’ll finish all of them.  The Fairy’s Return and Other Princess Tales is actually a volume containing five novellas.  To those who don’t know, a “novella” is a story that is longer than a short story but shorter than a novel.  I keep calling them “novelettes” by accident.  *Laugh*  Mom keeps correcting me.  But, according to the thesaurus search I just did, they’re the same thing.  So it’s fine that I call them novelettes!  It’s more fitting, anyway.  Mini novels.  Novelettes.

There are lots of photos for you to see, so I’ll leave you to your viewing.

Knitting and Reading

I’ve done a foolish thing.  Do you want to know what it is?  Well, I’ve gone and borrowed four books from the library all at once to read.  And at least one of them is almost–if not more than–four centimetres thick.  Their titles are: The Wide-Awake Princess by E. D. Baker, which I’m reading right now; Companions Quartet, book 3: Mines of the Minotaur by Julia Golding, which I’m also reading right now, if inactively; The Fairy’s Return and other Princess Tales by Gail Carson Levine; and Dark Fire by Chris d’Lacey, which is the thick one.  I’ve already read the Mines of the Minotaur one, along with the fourth book (The Chimera’s Curse), but I was rereading it when I got the other three books.  Though, I suppose The Fairy’s Return and other Princess Tales should be called a volume, eh?  It has five little books in it.  I don’t remember what dad called them now…shorter than a novel, and longer than a short story.  There was some name he gave it…  *Lost in thought, trying to remember unsuccessfully*

I (obviously) finished Savvy.  I’m kind of confused about that book.  I don’t think I liked it.  The author writes first-person, and with a strong American accent.  The kind where they use fictional words.  Such as, instead of writing “bumblebee” she wrote “bumbler”.  And she made up lots of words for “chaos” and “confused”.  Anyway, I thought the storyline was silly.  I didn’t like the way the author writes, as stated above.  And yet…I want to read Scumble, which is book two.  Strange, eh?

So, about the “knitting” part of this post’s title…

My mom gave me a book of knitting stitch patterns, and therefore I’ve been making test swatches of some of them.  Mini Bobble Stitch I, Woven Stitch, Linen Stitch, Faggoted Lace Panel, Feather Lace, and Diamond Brocade.  Those are the samples I’ve made.  Unfortunately, I haven’t any photographs of them.  I’ve been reading while I knit the easier ones (not the lace ones), using a stand to hold my book up.  The book would fall through the stand, so I put my knitting stitch pattern book behind it.  Rather like this:

The book on the stand is supposed to be the Wide-Awake Princess.  I’m not sure if I portrayed it correctly, but then, it’s only a Paint image.  You can’t expect it to be too detailed.

I should really take a photo of this.  I made tiny little crocheted pieces and sewed them onto my earbuds.  A little sky-blue piece near the ear ends, and one near the plug end.  Oh, it’s so neat I have to take a photo!  Right NOW!