Watching, crocheting, playing…

Watching:  Tuesday evening my mom, my sisters, and I went to the theatre to see The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  It was alright.  Loud, but alright.  It was eight-thirty when it ended.  And I don’t mean AM.

Crocheting:  Even if I made it a few weeks ago, I’ll tell you now.  I made a grey crocheted toque for myself.  Unfortunately, it’s slightly pointed at the top!  I’d rather it wasn’t, but it’s too late now.  *Shrug*  I’ll get used to it.

Playing:  For Yule, I got three games.  Art Academy for Nintendo DS, SimCity Creator for Nintendo DS, and The Sims 2 for PSP.  I like the first and last of them a lot, but the middle one is a bit boring.  Mostly all I do in that game is wait for the city to evolve.  Anyway, I’ve drawn loads of pictures in Art Academy.  It’s quite fun to do the Free Paint thing, where I don’t follow a lesson.  ^_^  I can draw my own way.

Other Stuff:  It’s sort of about the “Watching” part, but not really.  I’m rereading the Narnia books now.  My mom has all seven books put into one book, and I’m reading that.

That’s all I had to say for this time.  I’ll write again soon!


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