This dragon is pretty small, and it’s also rather large.  I haven’t measured it, so you’ll have to guess from the picture with my hand in it.  And remember that my hands aren’t very big!  ^_^  I didn’t write down any sort of pattern for this.  I made it up as I went.  And I forgot it as I went, too.  The only part I sort of recorded was the wings–so that I could make them the same–and even that is in my head.  So there isn’t any sort of chance that I could make a twin for him.  I would have made him all blue, but I ran out of blue yarn.  And I found this lovely grey, so I used it.  For the body/tail, I began at the tip of the tail and progressed towards the neck.  That’s why the tip of the tail is roundish.  And it’s short only because I got impatient.  *Laugh*

I’m writing a story now, too.  It’s about seven young dragons, all from drawings I made.  Their names are thus: Mischief, Smoke, Lark, Jess, Spruce, Oakla, and Glacier.  Glacier is the newest character, and the most unique: she has fur instead of scales.  I drew the pictures before I began writing, and it was actually Smoke’s idea to write it.  Yes, it was the idea of a drawing.  He suggested it, and he and Glacier help me when I get writer’s block.  Like Gadzooks in The Fire Within by Chris d’Lacey.  All that has happened so far is that the six original dragons played tag until it got too late.  Then they went home.  Oakla woke up before dawn after a bad dream, and wandered out of the cave where she lives.  She looked around and saw Glacier.  Oakla went over to Glacier, and they are currently having a conversation about something Glacier is writing.  That’s where I’ve stopped.  Sounds like nothing, eh?  Well, hopefully it will be more interesting as I write more.


2 thoughts on “Wyvern

  1. Carrie says:

    Would you say these dragons are the equal to teens, young teens, mature adults, kids or babies?
    Do they fuss about their clothes…ooops of course, they aren’t wearing clothes, are they!! Rather do they discuss adornments of any kind? Or gameplay? Or where food is coming from?
    I like your story coming from one of the dragons. I believe it is actually harder to write it that way, as everything recorded is through that perspective or experience.

    • Katy says:

      Hmm… If I average the age of the seven dragons, it comes to…fourteen. And no, so far they haven’t discussed adornments or anything like that. Their food is…I don’t know. I haven’t put much thought into their food. They haven’t eaten anything yet.
      The point of view isn’t first-person. It’s third. But I’m considering writing something else–also about dragons–in first-person. *Thoughtful pause* Maybe I’ll do that right now? Yep, I’m going to go do that. ^_^

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