And So it Comes to an End

The scarf measures 150 cm.  That’s 1.5 metres.  Or 1500 mm.  Guess who’s been doing their math pages!  ^_^  Actually, I’m doing circumferences with pi and such.  But ANYWAY…

I made it exactly as I wrote in the last entry.  Starting with the foundation double-crochets, then all those net rows, then a double-crochet row.  The end.  And that’s all there is to it!  Really simple and easy!

I’ve been making more of those Mp3 Player sleeves, the last two with a button to close them.  But my camera is out of charge and I’m procrastinating buying more batteries…well, today I don’t have any more to write.  So have a happy Halloween!

PS  I most certainly am not dressing up!  I find that improper!  But I will take advantage of the post-Halloween sales!  ^_^

PPS  I’ve learned that Bernat Cool Crochet has been DISCONTINUED!!!  I really like that yarn, despite how rough it is as a scarf!  It looks neat!  *Pout*  What’ll I use now?


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