New Beginnings


These are photos from yesterday, of the new beginning of a scarf, and I felt that (after such procrastination on my part about posting here at all) I should tell you.  Last night I extended that three inches (just a guess, not accurate) to two feet.  I have no new photos of it, though.  And what’s more, I don’t know if it’ll be for me or for sale.  I don’t know if glittery lilac is my colour.  What do you think?  White dress shirt, lilac T-shirt, dark blue jeans, pink and black sneakers, shorter-than-shoulder-length brown hair…lilac scarf?  Hmm, it would match my T-shirt, if that were showing…oh well.  It’s not even finished yet.  I’ll decide then.  But I’ll probably sell it.  Anyway, I’m doing a pattern of ch-4’s and sc’s.  This is the FULL pattern:

Foundation:  Ch 3 (counts as dc), fdc 17.  Turn.  (18 dc)

Row 1:  *Ch 4, sc in 3rd dc from hk.*  Rep 5 more times.  Turn.  (6 ch-4 lps)

Row 2:  *Ch 4, sc in ch-4 lp.*  Rep 5 more times.  Turn.  (6 ch-4 lps)

Rep Row 2 until scarf is as long as you want.

Next Row:  Ch 2, dc in sc.  *Dc 2 in ch-4 sp, dc in next sc.*  Rep across.  (18 dc)

End off, weave in ends.

See, I haven’t done the last row yet (obviously), but I’ve planned ahead.  It’ll look great, I’m sure of it!  It’s just that this Bernat Cool Crochet yarn is a little rough with the sparkly part.  Oh well.  Tough luck for the recipient.  ^_^  I’m kidding!  😀

Well, anyway, there isn’t much else to say on that topic.  I have seen an Mp3 Player that I want, at Zellers.  It’s 4GB, the same size as my USB memory stick.  It’s made by Coby.    $35.  But my sisters’ birthday is on Friday, so I can’t get it right now.  I have to get presents for them.  There are TWO of them, and then another in November, and Dad’s in December.  Not to mention Yule!  *Sigh*  This is really not a time to by stuff for myself.

But I’ll stop going on and on.  I have my eye on an Mp3 Player.  Expect me to have it before 2011!  ^_^


One thought on “New Beginnings

  1. Mom says:

    I like it!
    Just don’t rip it from my neck!!!

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