And So it Comes to an End

The scarf measures 150 cm.  That’s 1.5 metres.  Or 1500 mm.  Guess who’s been doing their math pages!  ^_^  Actually, I’m doing circumferences with pi and such.  But ANYWAY…

I made it exactly as I wrote in the last entry.  Starting with the foundation double-crochets, then all those net rows, then a double-crochet row.  The end.  And that’s all there is to it!  Really simple and easy!

I’ve been making more of those Mp3 Player sleeves, the last two with a button to close them.  But my camera is out of charge and I’m procrastinating buying more batteries…well, today I don’t have any more to write.  So have a happy Halloween!

PS  I most certainly am not dressing up!  I find that improper!  But I will take advantage of the post-Halloween sales!  ^_^

PPS  I’ve learned that Bernat Cool Crochet has been DISCONTINUED!!!  I really like that yarn, despite how rough it is as a scarf!  It looks neat!  *Pout*  What’ll I use now?


New Beginnings


These are photos from yesterday, of the new beginning of a scarf, and I felt that (after such procrastination on my part about posting here at all) I should tell you.  Last night I extended that three inches (just a guess, not accurate) to two feet.  I have no new photos of it, though.  And what’s more, I don’t know if it’ll be for me or for sale.  I don’t know if glittery lilac is my colour.  What do you think?  White dress shirt, lilac T-shirt, dark blue jeans, pink and black sneakers, shorter-than-shoulder-length brown hair…lilac scarf?  Hmm, it would match my T-shirt, if that were showing…oh well.  It’s not even finished yet.  I’ll decide then.  But I’ll probably sell it.  Anyway, I’m doing a pattern of ch-4’s and sc’s.  This is the FULL pattern:

Foundation:  Ch 3 (counts as dc), fdc 17.  Turn.  (18 dc)

Row 1:  *Ch 4, sc in 3rd dc from hk.*  Rep 5 more times.  Turn.  (6 ch-4 lps)

Row 2:  *Ch 4, sc in ch-4 lp.*  Rep 5 more times.  Turn.  (6 ch-4 lps)

Rep Row 2 until scarf is as long as you want.

Next Row:  Ch 2, dc in sc.  *Dc 2 in ch-4 sp, dc in next sc.*  Rep across.  (18 dc)

End off, weave in ends.

See, I haven’t done the last row yet (obviously), but I’ve planned ahead.  It’ll look great, I’m sure of it!  It’s just that this Bernat Cool Crochet yarn is a little rough with the sparkly part.  Oh well.  Tough luck for the recipient.  ^_^  I’m kidding!  😀

Well, anyway, there isn’t much else to say on that topic.  I have seen an Mp3 Player that I want, at Zellers.  It’s 4GB, the same size as my USB memory stick.  It’s made by Coby.    $35.  But my sisters’ birthday is on Friday, so I can’t get it right now.  I have to get presents for them.  There are TWO of them, and then another in November, and Dad’s in December.  Not to mention Yule!  *Sigh*  This is really not a time to by stuff for myself.

But I’ll stop going on and on.  I have my eye on an Mp3 Player.  Expect me to have it before 2011!  ^_^


I haven’t been here blogging lately, have I?  I’ve been doing other stuff.  I’ve actually been knitting, if you can imagine.  Knitting! I’ve been making MP3 player sleeves.  I’ll post pictures soon, but I don’t have my camera card with me now.

The weather is cold today.  Cold and wet.  ironically, I have a cold right now.  *Sigh*  I’ll write again.