Let’s see how far I’ll get

That is the finger part of my first mitt.  I’m doing it in doubles, so it’s not as slow as it could be, but it feels like forever.  I started it at around six last night.  The idea sprang from my cold fingers.  Fingerless gloves don’t warm up your fingers, and gloves are like making mittens with five thumbs per–and if you’ve ever knitted mittens, you’d know that thumbs are horrible.


2 thoughts on “Let’s see how far I’ll get

  1. carriesqk says:

    isn’t it a bit drafty?

  2. Joanne Hertner says:

    Hi Katie, I just scrolled through your blog. How interesting. YOU sure have a gift for writing plus all the other things you have shown here. Keep it up girl. YWhat you do here will be enjoyed by many.
    Greetings, Joanne

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