Am I not the Best?

Over the past two days I was here at Mom’s store I’ve painted a rose.  It’s amazing!

Isn’t it gorgeous?  Considering I’m a newbie at painting like this!  Here are some close-ups and my reference photo, taken by me:

Lovely, isn’t it?  I also painted a few other things on Saturday:

That mirror was originally a turquoise-y blue, but I painted it (obviously) to green.  It IS supposed to be sort of smeared with a blue-er colour!!  And the elf’s frame is really just painted around her.  The sphere is kind of boring.  I draw them often.  But I don’t paint them, and I did get a compliment on it, so I’ll share it.

I want to paint more today!!  Tee hee hee!

And I’ve also been crocheting.  I made a belt pouch using Clea thread and a 4.0 mm crochet hook.  I used that Forget-Me-Not stitch I blogged about the other day (ages ago) and sewed a lining and a yo-yo (fabric thing) over a button.  See here:

Should I sell it or not?  Hmm……

So am I not the best at what I do?


One thought on “Am I not the Best?

  1. carriesqk says:

    Yes, you are very talented. You also have more to learn. I’m very proud to see you try new techniques and mediums.
    Good on ya!

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