Let’s see how far I’ll get

That is the finger part of my first mitt.  I’m doing it in doubles, so it’s not as slow as it could be, but it feels like forever.  I started it at around six last night.  The idea sprang from my cold fingers.  Fingerless gloves don’t warm up your fingers, and gloves are like making mittens with five thumbs per–and if you’ve ever knitted mittens, you’d know that thumbs are horrible.


Am I not the Best?

Over the past two days I was here at Mom’s store I’ve painted a rose.  It’s amazing!

Isn’t it gorgeous?  Considering I’m a newbie at painting like this!  Here are some close-ups and my reference photo, taken by me:

Lovely, isn’t it?  I also painted a few other things on Saturday:

That mirror was originally a turquoise-y blue, but I painted it (obviously) to green.  It IS supposed to be sort of smeared with a blue-er colour!!  And the elf’s frame is really just painted around her.  The sphere is kind of boring.  I draw them often.  But I don’t paint them, and I did get a compliment on it, so I’ll share it.

I want to paint more today!!  Tee hee hee!

And I’ve also been crocheting.  I made a belt pouch using Clea thread and a 4.0 mm crochet hook.  I used that Forget-Me-Not stitch I blogged about the other day (ages ago) and sewed a lining and a yo-yo (fabric thing) over a button.  See here:

Should I sell it or not?  Hmm……

So am I not the best at what I do?

Life Lesson in a Crochet Cupcake

I was searching through a box of junk for a book I’ve lost and came across a stash of crocheted cupcakes that were prototypes for that scarf I made ages ago.  The lesson this little cupcake holds is not to take on a project I don’t want to be doing.  So Mom is going to keep it to remind us of that horrible, horrible scarf we each had to make.

And the other day a rose bud was opening on Mom’s little rose bush.  Then the next day it was open, and it is gorgeous!  I (luckily) had some charge in my camera’s batteries, so I took some photos.  One has an orb in it.

Isn’t that fascinating?  Mom really likes that photo.

Belt pouch

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I made the front, back and lining ages ago.  But I found it and had to fix it–the flap was ugly single crochet rows and the handle was a chain over the top.  I had to undo the seams down the sides, the flap, and the handle.  And then I put belt loops on it.  And candy corn in it.  Easy access to yummy treats!  He he he!

Anyway, I have absolutely no pattern for it besides a pair of simple granny squares and a few other this-and-thats like the seams and loops and flap (the flap is a modified granny square.)  So if you want the pattern, you have to figure it out from the picture!