Such news I have for you!

Yesterday I picked out frames for my new glasses. I’ll be getting them in about a week.  It’s so exciting and new to me!  I’ve never had glasses before!

Now I have to crochet myself an eyeglass case, don’t I?  😀  Or do they come with one?  I’ll find out soon enough!

So, I finished the first hat (it didn’t turn out slouchy) and the second one, which is green and green.  I think it is slouchy.  I mostly followed the same pattern–I only added one more round before I started to decrease–but it’s way bigger!  I think that’s due to me using worsted weight instead of DK weight like I did for the blue and black one.  Here are the hats:

Use the ruler beside them to tell their size, as the photo of the blue and black hat is more zoomed-in.

And yesterday morning I walked with Mom and took some photos of plants–of course–so here they are:


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