Such news I have for you!

Yesterday I picked out frames for my new glasses. I’ll be getting them in about a week.  It’s so exciting and new to me!  I’ve never had glasses before!

Now I have to crochet myself an eyeglass case, don’t I?  😀  Or do they come with one?  I’ll find out soon enough!

So, I finished the first hat (it didn’t turn out slouchy) and the second one, which is green and green.  I think it is slouchy.  I mostly followed the same pattern–I only added one more round before I started to decrease–but it’s way bigger!  I think that’s due to me using worsted weight instead of DK weight like I did for the blue and black one.  Here are the hats:

Use the ruler beside them to tell their size, as the photo of the blue and black hat is more zoomed-in.

And yesterday morning I walked with Mom and took some photos of plants–of course–so here they are:


iPod Nano case begins

It wasn’t originally planned to be an iPod Nano case.  I planned it to be an eyeglass case, actually, but I made it too narrow.  And by the way: I only have four rounds done.  I’m using size 30 thread and a 1.0mm crochet hook.  That’s tiny.  And I’m crocheting a flowering vine to appliqué on it.  Here are a couple of pieces of the appliqué:

That last one is my quick plan sketch, but I think I’ll make a Paint version to give you a better idea.

It’s kind of blurry, but that’s because of my computer program.  Silly thing…it wouldn’t save it right!  So I tried to edit it again with Arcsoft Photostudio 5.5, but it didn’t work.  Oh well.  You can understand the picture, right?

I’m thinking of making another blog, on Blogger.  They’ve upgraded the design tool, so now I like Blogger more.  I just can’t decide on a name!  I want to encompass drawing, photography, writing AND crocheting, though, plus anything I want to add, but what name would suit it and me?  Hmm…

Walk in the Forest

On Sunday, Mom and one of my sisters and I went to a nearby “public” forest (you know, the ones people are allowed to walk through) and near when we left–it was around seven pm then–my sister went into a little patch of light and it looked perfect for a photo, but I hadn’t brought my camera.  Silly thing mightn’t have turned on anyway…  But regardless, when we got back I drew it, and this is what I got from memory:

That’s a cropped version, but it shows most of the drawing, so it’s okay, right?  No?  Here’s the full one then…

It was perfect for a photo.  She was looking up at the trees in her lacy tan shawl and brown skirt with her long brown hair loose behind her, and the trees were tall and beautifully lit in the evening sun’s light, and when she stepped into that little patch of sunlight the edges of her hair burned gold.  I gave her pointy ears in the picture to emphasize the wood nymph image she gave off.  Too bad I couldn’t make it actually look like evening in the picture…too bad I couldn’t take a photo…

Well, enough of my moping about “too bad” this and “too bad” that, I’ll let you get on with your day now.  See you soon!  (Er, I mean “write to you soon”, I don’t think I’ll actually see you in person, um, nevermind.)