Moss Agate neckpouch

A while ago I bought a small stone of Moss Agate.  I carried it in my pocket, but I didn’t like that very much, since I don’t always wear pockets.  So I crocheted this neck pouch to put it in.  I didn’t bother with a pattern, but it was sort of like this:

Chain 7, double-crochet both sides of the chain and join.  Chain 3, double-crochet in the 2nd stitch from hook.  Chain 1 and double-crochet in 2nd stitch from hook, repeat until you reach the start of the round, ending with a chain 1.  Join.  Two more rounds of this net and then one more of all double-crochets (one in the chain-1 spaces to fill it out again) and chain some and join across the pouch for a handle.

There, that’s the pattern.  I think.  I’m only guessing from my picture.  It’s a nice little place to store my stone, and then I can wear it every day.  If you want to make one, only use my “pattern” as a guide, I may have said the wrong number of chains to start.  And there you have a lovely crochet neck pouch.  Oh, and I forget the hook size and yarn.  Sorry!


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