I’ve Been Making Lace

The pattern I got this “egg warmer” from is a 1998 issue of Magic Crochet, an old magazine that I’m not sure even is made anymore, and now I’m making the coaster that matches.  Mom keeps calling the warmer a hat, so I have to correct her.  The hat I finished all yesterday, but I think the 4 1/2″ coaster will take longer–the thread is 40 and the hook is 1.0mm!!  Well, it was for the warmer, too, but I think the coaster is bigger.  Oh, and the magazine calls the coaster a mat.

Besides this…lovely…set I’ve been making, I made a Shroom amigurumi like in the Mario games.  Here he is:

I wrote out a pattern for him, but I haven’t typed it and edited it yet, so you’ll have to wait.  IF I’ll give it to you AT ALL!  So THERE!  Tee hee, that was fun!

So on Tuesday my Mom took me and two of my sisters to see the Sorcerer’s Apprentice in the theatre.  It was pretty good.  If you saw the Mickey Mouse cartoon of Sorcerer’s Apprentice you’d recognize the part where Dave–or Mickey in the cartoon–tries to wash the room by using magic to make the mops clean by themselves and they get out of hand.  I’m dreadful at writing reviews, so just go watch it yourself.  And if you go on Tuesday and are still in school it’s really cheap–at the Galaxy cinema here, anyway.  On Tuesdays it’s half-price and students get a discount, you see.  Anyway, it was better than Where the Wild Things are!  That wasn’t very good at all, I think.


Plants Again

Sure I’m blogging about my plants again, but it’s all in good fun.  On Saturday I took this photo of the biggest of my cherry tomatoes…

…And isn’t that worth blogging about?  Also I had a Clementine orange today and dissected it…

…Is that worth blogging about?  Then I checked on my tomato plants–the green tomato is red!  But not yet edible…

…And another tomato further down the plants is getting bigger…

…Which is great.  This morning, when I was walking with Mom, I took some amazing pictures of flowers…

…And that is that.  Please comment, but be aware: I edited not a single one of these pictures in any way, even cropping them.  These are EXACTLY the same as they were on my camera.  I’m surprised my camera worked so well!  ;D

Moss Agate neckpouch

A while ago I bought a small stone of Moss Agate.  I carried it in my pocket, but I didn’t like that very much, since I don’t always wear pockets.  So I crocheted this neck pouch to put it in.  I didn’t bother with a pattern, but it was sort of like this:

Chain 7, double-crochet both sides of the chain and join.  Chain 3, double-crochet in the 2nd stitch from hook.  Chain 1 and double-crochet in 2nd stitch from hook, repeat until you reach the start of the round, ending with a chain 1.  Join.  Two more rounds of this net and then one more of all double-crochets (one in the chain-1 spaces to fill it out again) and chain some and join across the pouch for a handle.

There, that’s the pattern.  I think.  I’m only guessing from my picture.  It’s a nice little place to store my stone, and then I can wear it every day.  If you want to make one, only use my “pattern” as a guide, I may have said the wrong number of chains to start.  And there you have a lovely crochet neck pouch.  Oh, and I forget the hook size and yarn.  Sorry!