My Mom gave me a book on knitting and crochet stitches, and I found a neat stitch in it called the “Forget-Me-Not Stitch”.  The purple beaded version is the one I made in what I think is 20 crochet thread and a 1.0mm crochet hook.  It’s a really nice stitch, and I’m going to share it in the terms I use.  In the book they are in UK terms, but here are mine:

Multiple of 3+1 ch.

Row 1: Ch 3, (dc, ch 2, sc) in first st; *skip 2 sts, (dc 2, ch 2, sc) in next st*  Repeat from * to * to end of row.

Row 2: Ch 2, (dc, ch 2, sc) in ch-2 space; *(dc 2, ch 2, sc) in ch-2 space*  Repeat from * to * to end of row.

Repeat row 2 as much as you want.  End off whenever you feel it’s time.



I’ve made a scarf for myself!  It’s so comfy and quick, AND I’m giving you the pattern for free! Look in the list of patterns for “Simple Scarf”.


I have obtained my tomato plants!!!  They aren’t the Tiny Tims I wanted, they’re Sweet 100s.  They aren’t grown by me from seed, they are already pretty big.  Sweet 100 tomatoes can grow to be 7ft. tall, while Tiny Tims are compact bushes that aren’t very big.  I don’t know what the taste difference is, because it has been a very long time since I last had a kind of cherry tomato that I knew the breed of.  But I think I’ll enjoy growing my own tomatoes.  Lemon balm next!  😀

Embroidery Floss Dragon

This dragon was requested by Rebecca, a lady who knits, and is unique.  I followed a pattern from Crochetville by a user called “champygirl” (here) plus an extra thing I made to make the belly and neck thicker.

To make the extra thing, follow the directions for the body and then chain a few, say, seven or eight, and single-crochet down the chain, then slipstitch and end off.  Then I sewed it to the dragon’s belly.  Simple!

Nature Photographer

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I went to a park near where Mom’s store is with my camera loaded with new batteries and took these photos.  My camera is an old Canon Powershot A430, remember, so it’s difficult to get good pictures with it.  Strangely, it doesn’t focus very well.  That’s why the pictures of the squirrel I took aren’t in the slideshow.  If you like my photos, please feel free to comment!