Little Bunny FooFoo

♪Little bunny FooFoo,♪ hoppin’ through the for-est,♪ scoopin’ up the field mice and bopping ’em on the head♪

I’m making a humanoid rabbit, rather like a teddy bear, right now, as you might have guessed from the song.  My Mom used to sing that to me and my sisters when we were little…But anyway!  On to more important things than my reminiscence!

That rabbit is an off-white, or ecru, or light cream, and–even before it has ears or a tail–I’m making a dress for it out of some yarn by Hemp 4 Knitting called “Hempton”, which has 30% hemp, 40% cotton, and 30% modal in it.  I’m using the colour “Cyprus”.  The way I’m making it is I make vertical side strips, which I’ve already finished, and horizontal front and back strips.  I hope it works.

I don’t have any photos yet, so this is all for today.  See you!


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