MORE Turtles?!

I’ve made even more turtles now–four, all out of embroidery floss!  A pale blue one stuffed with stuffing, and a yellow-green one, a terracotta red one, and an olive-green one stuffed with plastic pellets.  Look here!

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It’s on my math papers, which makes me think of male Brazzles from the Divide series by Elizabeth Kay that I read.  The picture of embroidery floss shows all the turtles-to-be.  Each thingy of thread makes one turtle.  That’s a lot of turtles!!!

I won’t be able to crochet any more for a few days because I have a blister on my finger from crocheting all of the ones I have so far.  Oh, well.  But hopefully next week I’ll be able to make more!


2 thoughts on “MORE Turtles?!

  1. Louise says:

    I love your newest creations. The dragon was cool too!

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