My little lilac dragoness, Waterlily, is now 100% complete.  I took yet another photograph of her, so here is a slideshow of all of the pictures of her:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have also made another dragon, Hyacinthe, but I haven’t taken any pictures of her yet.  I didn’t make a pattern for her, and she’s different than Waterlily.  I am also making a black dragon with bigger wings than the lilac ones.  It will me male, while the lilac ones are clearly female.  What will I name the black one?  I know that the only one I am keeping is Waterlily, but I still have to name them, because it gives them a personality.  When I take pictures of Hyacinthe I will share them, and of the black dragon, but I won’t get to today!

After the black, what colour dragon should I make?  They look best with shiny yarn, but I don’t have very much of it.  Ohh, maybe I’ll use that pale blue-green!  It has a shiny twist to it!  The only problem is that it’s thinner than the Phentex Fashion Sixteen or the sport-weight black acrylic yarn I’ve been using.

Look for another post tomorrow, because then I’ll have a black dragon and hopefully part of a mint!


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