Topic One:

Have you ever seen that cute pattern for a kitten from Crochet Me?  I made one long ago, and just yesterday I rescued it from my mound of forgotten stuff and guess what I did to it?  I gave it hair!  And not just short hair–I gave it long brown hair, complete with a fringe!  I then made a quick hat for it, just because, and I gave it eyelashes and a mouth.  AND I took photos!  Here she is with and without her hat:

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Isn’t she cute?  The hair took a long time to make, and so did the cat herself.  If I had used black to sew the eyes on, she would look better, but I didn’t.  So she shall stay with no pupils.  Lousy teacher she’d make!  (I’m so funny, am I not?  *Mad cackles*)

The second close-up is a little out of focus, but that’s mainly because the focus is on her fringe.  Should I reshoot that one?  No, I’d best leave it.  I don’t want to waste battery, now do I!

The only directions you would need to turn a Sherbet Kitten into this hip kitty is to sew lengths of yarn to her head.  You lay about six strands of yarn in a bunch over the cat’s head and sew a loop of yarn over it tightly.  Lay another bunch of yarn in the head behind the first and sew it on.  After you’ve finished with the top-of-the-head part, sew on a horizontal row across the back of her head for thickness and a properly full head of hair.  Sew on the fringe perpendicular to the top-of-the-head part and fold it forward, sewing on two short strands at a time instead of six.  I won’t give you instructions to make the clothing, you’ll have to design your own.

Topic Two:

Because of the rain recently, there were hundreds of worms on the sidewalk today.  Hundreds!

But despite the worms, I’ve been really enjoying the wet weather.  There was lightning yesterday!  I kept trying to see a fork of it, but every time I had the chance, I blinked on reflex.  And even if I didn’t blink, I was facing away and just saw a flash.  But I did see one fork!  Actually, I didn’t see the fork, I just saw the afterimage on my eyes moments afterwards, which made it look like the afterimage was the actual lightning but with inverted colours.  And the rain was really heavy!  The power went out, even!  But even as I searched for my mini flashlight, it came back on.  How utterly unfair!  I wanted to use my flashlight!

Topic Three:

Have I already written this?  Maybe, but I don’t know.  I’ll say it anyway.

I am in progress of making a carrot-coloured little bag out of Patons Grace yarn.  I already have the front panel and most of the back panel/flap.  I have written out a pattern already.  But I shall not give it yet, I have not finished making the bag, I’m not certain on it!

See you next time, readers!


One thought on “Sherbet

  1. cookie girl says:

    i know what you can do with the orange yarn..make a pumpkin and put some kind of face on it..make it big enough now…

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