What? No Comments?

What?  No comments?  Even on the post where I asked for something to crochet out of orange Patons Grace yarn?  Come on!  You can do better than that!  Give me a suggestion!  I know you can!

How was my encouragement?  Was it good?  I’m not used to encouraging people, so I may not have done so well.  I might even have sounded like I was ordering you to suggest something.  Oh, well.

Yesterday I felt like drawing a green wolf, so I dived into my stuff for reference material, and came up with a holiday card my Mom gave me a long time ago.  It looked perfect, so I drew a green wolf using it.

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To explain why I wanted to draw a green wolf, read this.

As you would know from reading this blog, I own Pokemon: HeartG0ld.  I named my Chicorita “Jade”, because it’s green, and to go with the other names I have given my Pokemon (my Furret is Basalt, my Feraligator is Azure, my Flaafy is Ivory, ext.), and I found I rather like the name.  And I like my middle name a lot–Wolf–along with the animal itself.  The two just go together.  Jade Wolf.  So that gave me a wonderful idea to draw a jade-coloured wolf.  And so, this picture was born.  I then trimmed the paper, and framed it.  It looks wonderful, far better than my previous attempts at drawing wolves.  See, I just needed to draw from a photograph!  I’ve never done that before.  I just drew from my imagination and memory.

So my Jade Wolf is now my profile image.  I really like it.  I shall keep it.  I hope you like it too.  But I have patterns to make and things to write, so I shall write again soon!  Bye!


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