Little Bunny FooFoo

♪Little bunny FooFoo,♪ hoppin’ through the for-est,♪ scoopin’ up the field mice and bopping ’em on the head♪

I’m making a humanoid rabbit, rather like a teddy bear, right now, as you might have guessed from the song.  My Mom used to sing that to me and my sisters when we were little…But anyway!  On to more important things than my reminiscence!

That rabbit is an off-white, or ecru, or light cream, and–even before it has ears or a tail–I’m making a dress for it out of some yarn by Hemp 4 Knitting called “Hempton”, which has 30% hemp, 40% cotton, and 30% modal in it.  I’m using the colour “Cyprus”.  The way I’m making it is I make vertical side strips, which I’ve already finished, and horizontal front and back strips.  I hope it works.

I don’t have any photos yet, so this is all for today.  See you!


And yet More

And so, I crochet but only more turtles in only Anchor embroidery floss.  Here are my newest creations.  

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 Aren’t they just adorable?  I love them!  Too bad I can’t keep them–even if I did keep some, I wouldn’t have anything to do with them.  They would be useless for me, so I shall share them for other people to buy use.

MORE Turtles?!

I’ve made even more turtles now–four, all out of embroidery floss!  A pale blue one stuffed with stuffing, and a yellow-green one, a terracotta red one, and an olive-green one stuffed with plastic pellets.  Look here!

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It’s on my math papers, which makes me think of male Brazzles from the Divide series by Elizabeth Kay that I read.  The picture of embroidery floss shows all the turtles-to-be.  Each thingy of thread makes one turtle.  That’s a lot of turtles!!!

I won’t be able to crochet any more for a few days because I have a blister on my finger from crocheting all of the ones I have so far.  Oh, well.  But hopefully next week I’ll be able to make more!

Mad Herd of Turtles

A while ago I went to Etsy and saw an appliqué turtle and was inspired to make some turtles.  And then I made more.  Now I have a whole herd of them!  Here are all of them so far:

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I know, I have three pictures of the light green one, but I like it best!  It is just so picture-perfect, and I could, so I did!

I had another one, but I gave it away.  It’s the one with no eyes out of blue-green crochet thread.

It was so tiny, only just over an inch from head to tail (if it had a tail–instead it has a loop for the keyring)!  She really likes it–she put it on the keyring on her wallet right away.

So, on another topic, have you ever heard of the book series by Diane Haynes called Jane Ray’s Wildlife Rescue Series? Book one is called Flight or Fight, book two is called Crow Medicine, and I don’t remember what book three is called.  I’m reading book two right now, but I keep getting too busy with my crocheting, so I have read only about three chapters.  It’s not even fantasy!  And I’m reading it!  How utterly shocking, isn’t it?  If you were to look at the “Books I Read” page you would see that almost every book series I read is fantasy, all but this one.

Tomorrow I’ll have even more crochet creatures to show you, so keep watching!


My little lilac dragoness, Waterlily, is now 100% complete.  I took yet another photograph of her, so here is a slideshow of all of the pictures of her:

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I have also made another dragon, Hyacinthe, but I haven’t taken any pictures of her yet.  I didn’t make a pattern for her, and she’s different than Waterlily.  I am also making a black dragon with bigger wings than the lilac ones.  It will me male, while the lilac ones are clearly female.  What will I name the black one?  I know that the only one I am keeping is Waterlily, but I still have to name them, because it gives them a personality.  When I take pictures of Hyacinthe I will share them, and of the black dragon, but I won’t get to today!

After the black, what colour dragon should I make?  They look best with shiny yarn, but I don’t have very much of it.  Ohh, maybe I’ll use that pale blue-green!  It has a shiny twist to it!  The only problem is that it’s thinner than the Phentex Fashion Sixteen or the sport-weight black acrylic yarn I’ve been using.

Look for another post tomorrow, because then I’ll have a black dragon and hopefully part of a mint!

Lilac Dragoness

I have come up with an adorable and easy-for-me-to-make dragon!  I used some Phentex yarn (gasp!) but it wasn’t the typical gross Phentex, it was a kind called Fashion Sixteen.  I’m even making a second one, with a modified and unwritten pattern.  Dragon One was made using a glittery lilac yarn, so I say she is a lilac dragoness.  Waterlily the lilac Dragoness.  I will not be giving you any sort of pattern to make her, you’ll have to buy other ones when I sell them on Etsy (which I plan to do soon).  But you can admire her!

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Carrot Complete

Hello, there!  I’ve completed that bag now, and it turned out great!  Look here!

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Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t give you the pattern, maybe I should keep it in reserve to sell.  Mwa ha ha ha ha ha!