Conditions for Commenting

I must now make some conditions for the commenting, because the links are just directing your comments to the spam box!  Here they are:

  • DO NOT add links to your comments anymore, unless they are somehow related to crochet.
  • DO NOT write vulgar or inappropriate content.
  • DO NOT use coarse language.
  • DO NOT slack in your writing skills, my OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) makes me want to correct even minor spelling or grammar errors.
  • DO feel free to ask about someone else’s crochet pattern, I am always willing to help out.

That’s a lot of “do not”s, but I have a very good reason for them!  In only two days I got fifteen of those rude lists of links!  I hope to stop those people, once and for all!  Are you with me?  (That sounded like something from a cheesy battle movie, ugh).


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