Commentator Confusion

I just checked the spam comments, and WHOA, there were a lot of rude lists of links!  I won’t even tell you what they were!  There were over 20 of those lists, too!  I am serious, please don’t write that kind of comment on my blog, I will ban you from this place if possible!

If you have a blog or website that people can post comments on, please do not allow this kind of spam slip through!  No bulk approvals!  Take your time and go through every single one!

And on a different note, my Vertigo gloves need no extra rows to fit different hands; they stretch a mile!  Well, not quite a mile, but you know what I mean.  I am making brown ones now, but they are different; they’re shorter.  I seem to have a habit of making the thumbhole too high, so they won’t go over my fingers–or even my chilly knuckles!

That is all that is new now, besides in Animal Crossing…It looks like SPRING in that game!!!  There are butterflies and bees circling the newly grown clover!  The trees are bursting with bright green leaves!  The grass is fresh and long!  The earth has thawed enough to grow gardens properly–even though you can through winter too, how odd…

But that’s all for now!  See you next time!


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