Cavy Cafeteria

Yet another boring day so far.  I have nothing new to report here.
But I can think of a random topic and go on and on about it!  That would serve as an acceptably long entry, wouldn’t it?  Yes, it would!

Random Topic: Cavy Cafeteria

Can you believe that some people actually eat guinea pigs?  That is unbelievably disgusting!  I vow never to eat any meat called ‘cuy’ or ‘cavy’ or ‘guinea’.  I have just had a thought that some restaurant would call it ‘little pig meat’.  Ew!  They aren’t pigs at all!  Some scientists actually say that they aren’t rodents, and they say that the ones that say that they are rodents only say that because of their gnawing teeth.

If you were to have the option, would you buy a pet guinea pig–which would likely need a friend, meaning another guinea pig–or a ferret?  I would choose a ferret, but my Mom says that she doesn’t want a ferret in the house.  I will just have to write a ‘Pros and Cons’ report about them to give her, along with one about guinea pigs, so that she can compare them if she likes, or just use them both to see why I like ferrets more than guinea pigs.  But then, I know next to nothing about ferrets, which will hopefully change soon.

Have I been repeating what I wrote yesterday?  Well, this is new for today: please tell me which you would prefer, cavy or ferret?


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