Pros And Cons

I am going to write a “pros and cons” report of both getting a guinea pig, also called cavy, and getting a ferret, to see which one I would prefer, but I am almost certain that I would want a ferret–this is not saying that I am getting one any time soon, I just want to.  My family and I would have to get a 4-bedroom house first so that there would be enough room for a new pet.

Did you know that, if you don’t have hours and hours a day to spend with it, you would have to get two guinea pigs, just so that it wouldn’t get lonely?  That means twice the initial cost of the guinea pig, and twice the food and bedding costs.  Oh, and twice the housing cost, because you would need a bigger cage and two sleeping dens.

But for ferrets, you would only have to get one.  I know less about ferrets than I do about guinea pigs, so I can’t write a longish paragraph about them the way I did for guinea pigs.  I will know more soon, because I am borrowing books about both animals soon.  I don’t I don’t know where ny card for that library is, so Dad will get them for me.

These two images were copied from Google, with their adjoining links.  If you can’t tell which is which animal then you shouldn’t be reading this.

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