Snow Day

It has snowed a lot today, and it’s only 10:40 AM!  But then, I am sure it is a different time somewhere else, and it is surely summery-hot there too, but here it’s cold winter!  I have heard that it will snow until it’s 12 inches deep!  That is quite a bit, especially compared to the last few days.  I almost thought we would have no snow until spring!  There was only snow in the shadows of our house and a little heap at the end of the driveway where the ploughs dump the snow.  I have finished beanie hat two—the one in BERNAT Cool Crochet—and it’s almost too small!  It will have to be labelled Child’s Beanie by Kat.  It does fit me, but it’s tight-ish.  It stretches but it looks small.  I wonder how much Mom will sell it for?

I have created a new blog for Mom now.  The address is  It’s long, but it’s unchangeable now.  I should have done instead.  That would have been easier for people to type.  Oh, well.

This new computer is great.  It has lots of new fonts to use, Gabriola among them!  If you haven’t heard of that font, search for it on Google, using the words “Gabriola font” and the third result should direct you to  It did for me.  I like that font, along with Segoe Print and Segoe Script.  Search for them too, if you want them; a good free font website is  You can find a lot of nice fonts there!  But unfortunately, not the three I mentioned.

Lots of links in this post, eh?  Well, I had lots of links to share.  That is my excuse.  If you don’t like it, that’s your problem.

If you were to have to come up with a new thing for me to crochet, what would it be?  Comment to let me know!

I have another request:  Can you help me come up with a storyline for my book?  I can easily come up with details, but I need help with the storyline, as I said.  Comments are your key to many things!

See you tomorrow!


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