Cavy Cafeteria

Yet another boring day so far.  I have nothing new to report here.
But I can think of a random topic and go on and on about it!  That would serve as an acceptably long entry, wouldn’t it?  Yes, it would!

Random Topic: Cavy Cafeteria

Can you believe that some people actually eat guinea pigs?  That is unbelievably disgusting!  I vow never to eat any meat called ‘cuy’ or ‘cavy’ or ‘guinea’.  I have just had a thought that some restaurant would call it ‘little pig meat’.  Ew!  They aren’t pigs at all!  Some scientists actually say that they aren’t rodents, and they say that the ones that say that they are rodents only say that because of their gnawing teeth.

If you were to have the option, would you buy a pet guinea pig–which would likely need a friend, meaning another guinea pig–or a ferret?  I would choose a ferret, but my Mom says that she doesn’t want a ferret in the house.  I will just have to write a ‘Pros and Cons’ report about them to give her, along with one about guinea pigs, so that she can compare them if she likes, or just use them both to see why I like ferrets more than guinea pigs.  But then, I know next to nothing about ferrets, which will hopefully change soon.

Have I been repeating what I wrote yesterday?  Well, this is new for today: please tell me which you would prefer, cavy or ferret?


Pros And Cons

I am going to write a “pros and cons” report of both getting a guinea pig, also called cavy, and getting a ferret, to see which one I would prefer, but I am almost certain that I would want a ferret–this is not saying that I am getting one any time soon, I just want to.  My family and I would have to get a 4-bedroom house first so that there would be enough room for a new pet.

Did you know that, if you don’t have hours and hours a day to spend with it, you would have to get two guinea pigs, just so that it wouldn’t get lonely?  That means twice the initial cost of the guinea pig, and twice the food and bedding costs.  Oh, and twice the housing cost, because you would need a bigger cage and two sleeping dens.

But for ferrets, you would only have to get one.  I know less about ferrets than I do about guinea pigs, so I can’t write a longish paragraph about them the way I did for guinea pigs.  I will know more soon, because I am borrowing books about both animals soon.  I don’t I don’t know where ny card for that library is, so Dad will get them for me.

These two images were copied from Google, with their adjoining links.  If you can’t tell which is which animal then you shouldn’t be reading this.

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New fingerless gloves:  Vertigo.  I have just had the idea of giving them one-word names instead of titles!  I called them “Vertigo” for the reason that you crochet them vertically instead of horizontally.  And they look great!  I am half way through the first pair, but I am far enough that I have a pattern.  And these two things are GREAT news: I have new batteries for my camera, and the computer has a slot where you insert memory cards!  This is SOOO great!

I am going to go take pictures of the one glove I have finished now, then I’m going to come back and write the pattern!  Look for it!

Snow Day

It has snowed a lot today, and it’s only 10:40 AM!  But then, I am sure it is a different time somewhere else, and it is surely summery-hot there too, but here it’s cold winter!  I have heard that it will snow until it’s 12 inches deep!  That is quite a bit, especially compared to the last few days.  I almost thought we would have no snow until spring!  There was only snow in the shadows of our house and a little heap at the end of the driveway where the ploughs dump the snow.  I have finished beanie hat two—the one in BERNAT Cool Crochet—and it’s almost too small!  It will have to be labelled Child’s Beanie by Kat.  It does fit me, but it’s tight-ish.  It stretches but it looks small.  I wonder how much Mom will sell it for?

I have created a new blog for Mom now.  The address is  It’s long, but it’s unchangeable now.  I should have done instead.  That would have been easier for people to type.  Oh, well.

This new computer is great.  It has lots of new fonts to use, Gabriola among them!  If you haven’t heard of that font, search for it on Google, using the words “Gabriola font” and the third result should direct you to  It did for me.  I like that font, along with Segoe Print and Segoe Script.  Search for them too, if you want them; a good free font website is  You can find a lot of nice fonts there!  But unfortunately, not the three I mentioned.

Lots of links in this post, eh?  Well, I had lots of links to share.  That is my excuse.  If you don’t like it, that’s your problem.

If you were to have to come up with a new thing for me to crochet, what would it be?  Comment to let me know!

I have another request:  Can you help me come up with a storyline for my book?  I can easily come up with details, but I need help with the storyline, as I said.  Comments are your key to many things!

See you tomorrow!

Valentines Day Crochet

For this Valentines Day I have crocheted two little bunnies, designed after the Roly Poly Bunny pattern from Suncatcher Eyes, using pink and red 15 crochet thread.  If you are wondering, the brand for the crochet thread is Clea.  I didn’t embroider the faces very well, but I am sure mom’s customers will find them cute.  Eh, their loss.  Well, anyway, now I am crocheting a heart pincushion, but I don’t like how it is turning out.  I started by crocheting a spiral, then I formed a small, rounded point, and now I am crocheting a curve thing for one of the bumps.  I think I have made it wrong, because it doesn’t look right.  I would give you the photos of both projects, but both my camera’s batteries are dead and the connector cable thing isn’t here!  *Sigh*  I have a lot of contracts, too.  I have to make two Yoshi’s and a Mario and Luigi set.  I’ve run out of yarn for the Yoshi’s, so I have to come up with a new pattern!  And Mario and Luigi will be big, if I follow that pattern–the one I used before, that is.

Yesterday I borrowed a book called Amigurumi!: Super Happy Crochet Cute from my library, and it has some cute patterns, minus the fact that they placed the eyes to low.  I am actually considering making a monkey from it–and I don’t like monkeys!  But their monkey is just really cute.  They made it using berry blue and lime green yarn, which are my favourite colours, which just adds to the appeal.  The monkey is in fact humanoid, and it is wearing shorts and a short-sleeved teeshirt.  I considered mixing a few of the patterns to come up with a doll with removable clothes, because they were designed having the clothes part of them–which means that there is no body in the clothes, just stuffing.  But I could use the body colour for the clothing parts and just skip doing the slip-stitch rounds.  Yes, that would work, but do I really want to make one?  They are rather big, like the Mario Bros. I have to make, but that could be manageable.

Time flies and I do not, so I must stop writing this so that I have more time to write my book.  See you–I mean Write to you–tomorrow!  🙂