Button Eye Panda

Today I have finally sewn eyes onto the panda.  But they are buttons!!  I used white buttons with black thread, so it has pupils, but it’s just not the same as safety eyes!  Oh, well.  What can I do?

Oh, and I figured out how to throw snowballs in Spore: Hero Arena.  I just had to press the left arrow on the D-pad for a full second and away the snowball flew!  I am a genius, even if I get frustrated easily.

The beak on my green-and-white bird came partially undone!  I had to take it off, and I lost the green yarn!  True, I lost the white yarn first, but losing the green yarn is worse.

A few days ago I went to Chapters bookstore, where I flipped through a few crocheting magazines.  And what do you know?  I’ve been inspired to design a crochet beanie hat!  I’ll use pearl crochet cotton, so it’ll look like a large version of my Littlest Petshop Bird Hat.  A very large version of it, without the ring either.  It’ll look great, I’m sure of it!  I’m so sure of it that I drew what I plan it to look like!

See you tomorrow!


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