Should I or Should I Not?

Should I or should I not create a second blog?  It would be about drawing, or art in general, so it would be semi-related to this blog.  But I request your opinion.  Should I do it?  I would post a link here, possibly on the sidebar, that directed you to it.  I have news to tell now, though: I am now using a Windows 7 computer!  I was using Windows 2000 Professional, but I’ve upgraded!  I am so excited: the printer prints in colour!  This is a vast improvement, also in the way of Microsoft Paint.  This version of it is far more advanced than the one before.  I am basically ecstatic about this!  Please comment telling me if you think I should or shouldn’t create a blog about drawing.


Fingerless Gloves Number Three

I am in the process of making a third pair of fingerless gloves, this time in rows, using size 15 crochet cotton and a 2.75 mm hook.  They are made using a fishnet stitch, which is just chain three single crochet in the next chain three space repeated across.  I am making them in navy blue, so they won’t be too bright!  I will enjoy them if I don’t give them to my sister as I plan to.  Will she like them?  That is the question.  And if the gloves are just barely too tight for me they will fit her nicely.  But now I must log off WordPress, so see you tomorrow!  And happy crocheting!

Number Two

I am now making a second beanie for Mom to sell: I am using BERNAT Cool Crochet in Velveteen.  Strangely, that yarn is stretchy when crocheted.  It’ll turn out to be a nice hat, I hope.  I’m going to sell the pattern to you when I set up all the before-selling things, such as how I would receive the money from you lovely crocheters, and I have to finish the hat and take photos of it so that you can see what it looks like.  Sorry about the delay, I keep forgetting to ask Dad for the cable!

Another thing I’ve forgotten to do: take pictures of that plant.  I wonder if it needs watering, anyway.  Hmm…

Oh!  I’ve started a new book series: Fablehaven by Brandon Mull.  Book one is called…what is it called?  I forget.  I’ll go look.

It has no name!  How unusual and odd.  Book two and three have names: Rise of the Evening Star and Grip of the Shadow Plague.  I have only read book one so far, but I have checked out book two and I intend to read it tonight or later today.

I am now going to go back to work on my beanie hat, so goodbye!

Peas ‘N Carrots

Peas and carrots are fine when fresh, but I’m not talking about those just now:  I am talking about the green and orange beanie hat that I have made.  I wear it all the time, it’s just so comfortable!  I would give you the pattern, but I haven’t uploaded my photos yet.  That’ll have to wait then!

I have something else to mention.  Recently I went on Google to find a new desktop image, and I found this lovely picture of grass stalks with a few water droplets on them, and I copied it and saved it as a JPEG file and I use it now.  This is what it looks like:I would give credit to the person who took the photo, but I forget what the website was.  Oops!  But anyway, I like the picture and that’s all there is to it.  Go ahead and click on it then click on it again and then right-click it and choose “copy”, open Microsoft Paint, click the rectangle select button, then right-click in the white box and choose paste, then save it, go to the control panel, and then click “Display” and then “Browse” and choose it and click “apply” then “OK”.  And then close your MS Paint and Control Panel windows and minimize any other windows you might have, then admire your lovely desktop.  That’s what I did!

I want to take a picture like that.  I even own a plant that I could take a picture of!  But my camera isn’t very good at focusing on one thing like that.  I’ll do my best, and hopefully I’ll have photos to share with you soon!

Photos, that is, and a beanie hat pattern!


Button Eye Panda

Today I have finally sewn eyes onto the panda.  But they are buttons!!  I used white buttons with black thread, so it has pupils, but it’s just not the same as safety eyes!  Oh, well.  What can I do?

Oh, and I figured out how to throw snowballs in Spore: Hero Arena.  I just had to press the left arrow on the D-pad for a full second and away the snowball flew!  I am a genius, even if I get frustrated easily.

The beak on my green-and-white bird came partially undone!  I had to take it off, and I lost the green yarn!  True, I lost the white yarn first, but losing the green yarn is worse.

A few days ago I went to Chapters bookstore, where I flipped through a few crocheting magazines.  And what do you know?  I’ve been inspired to design a crochet beanie hat!  I’ll use pearl crochet cotton, so it’ll look like a large version of my Littlest Petshop Bird Hat.  A very large version of it, without the ring either.  It’ll look great, I’m sure of it!  I’m so sure of it that I drew what I plan it to look like!

See you tomorrow!

Spore: Hero Arena

On Wednesday I bought Spore: Hero Arena for my DS Lite, and it’s very fun!  But I am getting frustrated at the snowball part!  Okay, I’ll go back and explain.

On the planet called Dendryte, which is cold and snowy, there is a challenge where you have to throw snowballs at this creature.  You have to hit him five times to win.  But I don’t know how to throw the snowballs!  I randomly press buttons and touch the screen, and occasionally I throw one, but I can’t figure out how to throw them on purpose!  Please help me if you can!

Idea in Action

I have set my plan for new crocheted animals into action, but I have erred: I have sewn the backs of their heads closed, rather than wait for the eyes to come.  This means that I must use buttons for those two instead.  They are a panda and a bird.  My accurate but quick sketches of them:

I haven’t made the fish or squirrel yet–that’s why they have “NEW” beside them–but the other two, I have made.  The shaded parts are green, but the fish is going to be blue on the darker parts.  The only problem with the bird and panda is that I sewed their heads closed.  That means that I can’t use safety eyes!  I have to use buttons! That will ruin my plans!  It also means that I will have to make another bird and another panda when I have eyes.  That will waste yarn!  *Sigh*  But it is necessary.

Did I just say the same thing twice?

Anyway, I have to go now, so see you later!