the Olympic Torch, an Idea, and Yule

Today the Olympic Torch came through my town.  I  recorded it’s progress with my camera.

The crowd was loud.  It is mostly the only thing you can hear in the movies I made, besides my conversation with Mom, who was beside me.  My hand wasn’t very steady while I filmed it, so I may have accidentally aimed it at one of the people in the crowd instead of at the person holding the torch.  But most of it was of her, the torchbearer, I think.

And besides that large event, I have had an amazing idea for crocheted animals!  I have even planned a colour scheme!  Green and white, blue and white, pink and white, etc.  The animals themselves will be cute things like kittens and puppies and chicks and other animal young.  I could write a pattern book about them, if they are successful.  I had this idea in the late evening, when I was supposed to be sleeping.  That is the best time that I have found for coming up with ideas.  Wouldn’t you agree?

Yesterday was Yule.  It was great.

I really should get going.  See you tomorrow!


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