Have You Ever Been To…

…the by Hook, by Hand blog?  I have already mentioned it, but I have not given a proper review of it, or given you a link to it.  So now I will.  This is the link, and this is my review:

By Hook, by Hand is a blog authored by Beth about her crocheting.  She had purchased a Blythe doll a while ago, and crocheted a doll designed to look like her Blythe.  She has since then crocheted a smaller version of her Free Spirit doll and many clothes for her full size Free Spirit doll.  She lives in Indiana, where she makes many dolls–be they crocheted or sewn–and blogs.

…That’s about all that I know about her.  Anyway, I like her blog and patterns, and if you like doll-making or crocheting, you’ll like her blog.  Have I already mentioned that I want to make a Free Spirit Mini doll?  I have?  Oh well, I did it again.

Time is of the essence.  Happy holidays, and happy crocheting!


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