a Change of Plans

I have changed my plans: now I will post on whatever day it is.  I can fit more posts in that way!  But I will have to change my blog ‘description’, note the quotes, and my other pages.  I should also make new pages, as I only have, what two?  Three?  But still, three isn’t nearly enough for what I want from this website.  I want a fully fledged website, complete with patterns for sale!

But that will have to wait until I can pay a fee for an official website.  It will likely have “www.greenyarncrochet.ca” as it’s domain.  Well, either that or “www.katherinecrochet.ca“.  If you click either of those links your browser window will say that there was an error in the address, though really I intended that to happen.  I think the last one would be better than “Green Yarn Crochet” again.  Because I don’t really crochet with green that often.  I just called it that because green is my favourite colour!  Huh, the way names for things originate…  You never know why a website is called what it is, sometimes.  Such as…um…well…you could say…oh, I give up, I can’t think of any that have names that don’t make sense!  Humph.

Earlier today I went to this lovely website called “By Hook, By Hand” that has these wonderful doll patterns called “Free Spirit” dolls.  I am going to make one of the Mini ones!  I can hardly wait!

I believe that this post is plenty long enough, so I will stop writing for today.  See you tomorrow!


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