New Photos!

I now have the photos I was talking about!  Left to right, top to bottom: Mario face, Mario profile, Luigi face, Luigi profile, Mario and Luigi, detail of my cupcake scarf, detail of Mom’s cupcake scarf, Mom’s and my cupcake scarves side-by-side.  Yes, we finished them!  And I even sent the Mario and Luigi heads, along with the Yoshi, to my brother already.  Now I have big plans for excellent crocheted objects for my Mom to sell in her store, but I shouldn’t tell you; you might take my ideas before I get the chance to put them into action.  But who cares?  I’ll tell you anyway!  Yesterday I went to a Green Earth store in a mall with my dad, and they had semiprecious gemstones for 99¢  each.  I plan on buying some and crocheting pouches for them.  I also plan on crocheting some things such as, say, amigurumi animals using very fine thread and a very tiny hook–a 1.75 mm would do nicely.  But I have run out of time to write this post, so see you next time!


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