Safety Eyes

I have decided that I will get safety eyes from Disco Joints and Teddies.  50 pairs of 8mm safety eyes for 15.00 plus shipping.  Way better than the Suncatcher Eyes prices, even if Suncatcher Eyes has a far better selection.  Too bad the eyes have to be brown.  Well, it’s brown, dark brown, or black, so I picked brown.  That means my green-and-white panda will have brown eyes!  So will my green-and-white bird!  But so what?  They’ll look great.  It’ll also up the price for them, if I choose to sell them in Mom’s store.

Great, I get distracted from writing this, so now I have to get off the computer already!  Huh!  See you later.


the Olympic Torch, an Idea, and Yule

Today the Olympic Torch came through my town.  I  recorded it’s progress with my camera.

The crowd was loud.  It is mostly the only thing you can hear in the movies I made, besides my conversation with Mom, who was beside me.  My hand wasn’t very steady while I filmed it, so I may have accidentally aimed it at one of the people in the crowd instead of at the person holding the torch.  But most of it was of her, the torchbearer, I think.

And besides that large event, I have had an amazing idea for crocheted animals!  I have even planned a colour scheme!  Green and white, blue and white, pink and white, etc.  The animals themselves will be cute things like kittens and puppies and chicks and other animal young.  I could write a pattern book about them, if they are successful.  I had this idea in the late evening, when I was supposed to be sleeping.  That is the best time that I have found for coming up with ideas.  Wouldn’t you agree?

Yesterday was Yule.  It was great.

I really should get going.  See you tomorrow!

Have You Ever Been To…

…the by Hook, by Hand blog?  I have already mentioned it, but I have not given a proper review of it, or given you a link to it.  So now I will.  This is the link, and this is my review:

By Hook, by Hand is a blog authored by Beth about her crocheting.  She had purchased a Blythe doll a while ago, and crocheted a doll designed to look like her Blythe.  She has since then crocheted a smaller version of her Free Spirit doll and many clothes for her full size Free Spirit doll.  She lives in Indiana, where she makes many dolls–be they crocheted or sewn–and blogs.

…That’s about all that I know about her.  Anyway, I like her blog and patterns, and if you like doll-making or crocheting, you’ll like her blog.  Have I already mentioned that I want to make a Free Spirit Mini doll?  I have?  Oh well, I did it again.

Time is of the essence.  Happy holidays, and happy crocheting!

a Change of Plans

I have changed my plans: now I will post on whatever day it is.  I can fit more posts in that way!  But I will have to change my blog ‘description’, note the quotes, and my other pages.  I should also make new pages, as I only have, what two?  Three?  But still, three isn’t nearly enough for what I want from this website.  I want a fully fledged website, complete with patterns for sale!

But that will have to wait until I can pay a fee for an official website.  It will likely have “” as it’s domain.  Well, either that or ““.  If you click either of those links your browser window will say that there was an error in the address, though really I intended that to happen.  I think the last one would be better than “Green Yarn Crochet” again.  Because I don’t really crochet with green that often.  I just called it that because green is my favourite colour!  Huh, the way names for things originate…  You never know why a website is called what it is, sometimes.  Such as…um…well…you could say…oh, I give up, I can’t think of any that have names that don’t make sense!  Humph.

Earlier today I went to this lovely website called “By Hook, By Hand” that has these wonderful doll patterns called “Free Spirit” dolls.  I am going to make one of the Mini ones!  I can hardly wait!

I believe that this post is plenty long enough, so I will stop writing for today.  See you tomorrow!

Filling Time

For this post I am merely filling the Thursday.  Why not?  I promised to post every Thursday, so this is this Thursday’s post, however boring you may find it.

Nothing particularly new, besides the fact that I am now finished reading Silver Dragon Codex.  It is very good, but I am strongly tempted to spoil it for people who plan on reading it.  Such a large yet simple way to spoil it!  To answer the one big question hovering over the characters in the beginning!  Such temptation!

But I can’t tell you.  That would be mean.  So instead I will stop writing about it.

But in not writing about it, I should end this post.  See you next week!

Green Thumb Gloves

Hello, I have finally finished glove #2 in the pair that I had started ages ago.  And they are black with green thumbs.  I have a pattern for it, but I won’t share it–I’ll just share photographs to tease you!

New Photos!

I now have the photos I was talking about!  Left to right, top to bottom: Mario face, Mario profile, Luigi face, Luigi profile, Mario and Luigi, detail of my cupcake scarf, detail of Mom’s cupcake scarf, Mom’s and my cupcake scarves side-by-side.  Yes, we finished them!  And I even sent the Mario and Luigi heads, along with the Yoshi, to my brother already.  Now I have big plans for excellent crocheted objects for my Mom to sell in her store, but I shouldn’t tell you; you might take my ideas before I get the chance to put them into action.  But who cares?  I’ll tell you anyway!  Yesterday I went to a Green Earth store in a mall with my dad, and they had semiprecious gemstones for 99¢  each.  I plan on buying some and crocheting pouches for them.  I also plan on crocheting some things such as, say, amigurumi animals using very fine thread and a very tiny hook–a 1.75 mm would do nicely.  But I have run out of time to write this post, so see you next time!